EA to Bring Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts (EA) has reported that it is effectively working with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports for its highly acclaimed title, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. At first delivered on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in April, the game got critical acclaim, passing on fans anxious to encounter it on the previous generation consoles.

However, concerns have emerged over potential technical difficulties and graphical downgrades given the game’s performance issues on modern platforms. Regardless of reservations, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has guaranteed fans that the development team is determined to bring the Jedi experience to the older consoles due to community demand and the enduring appeal of the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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Survivor, an immediate spin-off of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, saw monstrous commercial success upon its release earlier this year. The game’s engaging storyline and complicated level plan have been applauded by the two players and critics the same.

However, it was not without its share of technical difficulties, especially on the PC version, where graphical glitches and performance problems were prevalent. Some players worry that these issues may be exacerbated on the older hardware of PS4 and Xbox One, leading to a less-than-optimal gaming experience.

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During EA’s Q1 earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the development of PS4 and Xbox One ports for Survivor. He accentuated the strength of the Star Wars franchise and the considerable community demand as driving factors behind the decision.

While fans were at first astonished by the move, conclusions have been isolated. Some players appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the game on their existing consoles, but others express concern about potential compromises in visual fidelity and performance.

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The choice to backport Survivor to more seasoned consoles brings up issues about technical difficulties. The game’s expansive environments and robust gameplay mechanics may strain the hardware capabilities of PS4 and Xbox One. The performance issues looked on the current-gen platforms should be addressed and improved to guarantee a smooth and pleasant gaming experience for previous gen players.

Despite the concerns, EA seems determined to leverage the Star Wars IP and Survivor’s success to engage players in the long term. The company aims to capitalize on key Star Wars franchise moments and create additional value for the game. Wilson’s statements hint at plans for a potential third installment, completing the trilogy of Cal Kestis’ journey, which has been a topic of speculation among fans.

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