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Invincible Comic’s First Ever Video Game by Ubisoft

A well known Invincible comic book series, is going to be introduced with the gaming realm with a upcoming video game named ‘Invincible: Guarding The Globe.’ Developed by Ubisoft’s Barcelona Mobile studio, this idle squad-based RPG is set to immerse fans in the beloved universe of Invincible, taking inspiration from both the comic books and the highly-acclaimed animated series on Prime Video.

Invincible Comic's First Ever Video Game by Ubisoft

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Plot of the ‘Invincible: Guarding The Globe’ Game

‘Invincible: Guarding The Globe’ revolves around the Global Defense Agency’s request for help in battling an onslaught of villainous clone armies. Players will be tasked with recruiting and managing a team of formidable heroes and villains, including the titular character Invincible, Atom Eve, Omni-Man, Robot, Rex Splode, and more.

The game’s extraordinary twist lies in the disclosure that these crime sprees are being upheld by clones of the very heroes they plan to protect. Players will take part in strategic battles, utilizing their character’s superpowers, and unravel the mystery behind this unexpected alliance of clones.


The gameplay in ‘Invincible: Guarding The Globe’ offers players an opportunity to control roster of characters and assemble a formidable attack squad. Each character possesses distinct abilities suited to their roles as Attackers, Defenders, or Support fighters, adding a layer of strategy to the battles.

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The game adopts a squad versus squad approach, permitting players to at the same time take part in different fights. As players progress, they can step up their warriors by acquiring experience and equip them with things to improve their powers and stats. The strategic element lies in carefully selecting the most suitable combination of characters for various challenges and playstyles.

The game highlights an array of iconic characters from the Invincible universe. Players will be able to recruit and deploy heroes like Invincible, Atom Eve, Omni-Man, Robot, and Rex Splode.

Each character’s unique skill set is tailored to their role on the battlefield, making it crucial for players to strategize and build balanced teams. Fans of the series will undoubtedly find joy in controlling their favorite characters and experiencing their superpowers in action.

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The announcement of ‘Invincible: Guarding The Globe’ evoked blended responses from fans. While many were excited to see the series coming to a video game configuration, some communicated dissatisfaction that the game would be available exclusively on mobile platforms.

Some had hoped for a full-fledged console or PC game with high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay. However, others embraced the idea of a mobile RPG and looked forward to exploring the Invincible universe in a new interactive way.

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