Top 5 best and upcoming Survival Games of 2022 and 2023

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5. Palworld

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Palworld is developed by pocket pair and set to release sometime this year. Its an open world survival crafting game, where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called Pals. You can make your Pals fight, build farm and even work in factories for you. Now this really sounds like a fantasy game and often times those can be a too easy to survive in as they often focus on other elements. But apparently Palworld isn’t like that you can actually die of starvation, there is also harsh weather to combat and so called illegal poachers, you you have got no food you can actually eat your Pal and as for building you can create almost anything. Put your Pals to work and you can make pyramids, spaceships, modern mansions and almost anything you could probably think of, you can even create your own farm ran by your Pals and factories are also in this game. It’s great we are giving these Pals jobs. Palworld is also multiplayer and includes tons of exploration all of which can be done while riding a Pal and much more for us to discover. 

  • Release date: 2023
  • Age Limit: 12+
  • Publisher: Pocket Pair Inc
  • Developer: Pocket Pair Inc

4. Sons of the forest

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Sons of the forest is a game developed by end night games and set to release in October of this year, it promises a seriously terrifying looking open wild survival horror experience. In this game you are sent to a remote island in order to find a missing billionaire and the hell scape you land in is infested with cannibals and it’s your job to survive by doing anything possible, crafting, building alone or with friends. It sounds like a terrifyingly immersive game because of those graphics, they look insane like the forest, but ten times better and Sons of the forest is a beautiful game, by the way another feature that is probably favorite in any game is the changing of seasons. In spring and Summer you can fish out salmon from the streams and then for winter you should be saving up meat, as in the cold the food is apparently quite scarce and you also won’t be the only one looking for a meal, those cannibals are demons by the way and they have pistols, axes and some other unpleasant surprises waiting for you. So definitely not a game for the light hearted.

  • Release date: 23 February, 2023
  • Age Limit: 18+
  • Publisher: Endnight Games, Newnight
  • Developer: Endnight Games

3. Madison

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Madison game is created by Bloodless games and has been in developed for over five years. This is a massive passion project by what we believe is a solo or duo development team. Madison is a first person psychological horror game that delivers a quote immersive terrifying experience unquote. So while its not an open world game, it has the survival tag steam so that counts. Your goal inside of this game is to take pictures of any paranormal activity you experience, explore your unknown surroundings and survive. The law behind Madison is also pretty intriguing actually you wake up locked in a dark room, hands covered in blood and you play as a person named luca, you are forced to continue a gory ritual by a demon which will force you to commit pretty abominable acts and its your job to use your instant camera to survive this torture. There is much more explore and find out. 

  • Release date: 8 July, 2022
  • Age Limit: 17+
  • Publisher: Bloodious games
  • Developer: Bloodious games

2. Rooted

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Rooted game is developed by headlight studios a reasonably small development team. Rooted is sure to surprise a lot of people, the animations look beautifully smooth and the graphics look pretty cool. Like any other survival game, there is law 20 years of bacteriological war decimated the human race and you are one of the few survivors, its your job to fight for safety in this pretty post apocalyptic world, explore forests, experience different seasons, find artifacts, craft new items, build cozy houses inside of old abandoned buildings and thrive. One of the key features of rooted is the constant evolution though. Headlight games boast that quote, Rooted’s law allows us to evolve the player’s experience throughout the game even after hundreds of hours, over the time you gain access to new items, new areas, new crafts, but also events that have a major impact on the world in which you evolve bringing each time a new elements of comfort, but also danger and gameplay unquote and this game is co-op, you could technically run it solo.

  • Release date: 2023
  • Age Limit: 17+
  • Publisher: Headlight Studio
  • Developer: Headlight Studio

1. Nightingale

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Nightingale is a mysterious survival adventure game with pretty much everything you could think off. Nightingale game is developed by inflection game. Nightingale is an abnormal fantasy realm for you to explore. Otherwise known as the fey realms of nightingale your goal is to craft build fight away monsters and of course survive within this fantasy world. The graphics are insane and the lighting is even better, but the reason why nightingale has taken first place is because, its so damn polished and honestly looks like it could be the perfect game. It’s a first person open world survival crafting game that you can obviously play alone or with friends. You are dropped into a crazy looking world cut off by the collapse of an arcane portal, and you have got become a skilled realm walker to survive. The entire atmosphere in this game has really excited, not only that but after taking close look at how building in this game will work, this game honestly looks as if the possibilities are genuinely endless, almost like minecraft and if you feel lazy you can literally recruit workers to help you out.  

  • Release date: 2023
  • Age Limit: 16+
  • Publisher: Inflex Games
  • Developer: Inflex Games.

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