Pokemon GO Announces Limited-Time Research for Amazon Prime Subscribers

Pokemon GO has announced a new limited-time Research task exclusively available to players with an Amazon Prime subscription. This partnership plans to offer unique rewards and engage in both Pokemon GO players and Amazon Prime subscribers. The limited-time research coincides with the beginning of Prime Day 2023 and the launch of the new Partner Research task, providing an exciting opportunity for players to obtain special in-game content.

Pokemon GO Announces Limited-Time Research for Amazon Prime Subscribers

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Pokemon GO Event Details and Rewards

To participate in the limited-time Partner Research event, Pokemon GO players must be Amazon Prime subscribers and redeem the Partner Research task before August 15, 2023. Players gain instant access to the new in-game content and have the amazing chance to procure a several exciting prizes.

Additionally, players receive 20 Ultra Balls and an Incubator as part of the completion rewards. Completing the event also grants players an exclusive Pokemon GO Fest 2023 avatar T-Shirt, which will be accessible to non-Prime subscribers sometime in the future.

Whenever players have redeemed the Amazon Prime Gaming Partner Research task, they can take a snapshot with their buddy Pokemon consistently to earn extra rewards. These snapshot prizes can be obtained everyday until July 18. Players genuinely must finish the Partner Research task before August 22, as the task will be eliminated from Amazon Prime after that date.

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The Benefits for Amazon Prime Subscribers

The partnership between Pokemon GO and Amazon Prime gives significant advantages to Prime subscribers. Besides the fact that subscribers have access to exclusive in-game events and rewards, however they can likewise partake in extra advantages, for example, the current reward bundle, which incorporates two Golden Razz Berries and two mysterious components.

Golden Razz Berries are significant for upgrading Pokemon-catching capacities, while mysterious components can be utilized to lure and battle Team GO Rocket leaders. It’s actually important that this particular reward bundle is just accessible until July 20, so Amazon Prime subscribers should claim it promptly.

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How to Redeem Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards

To guarantee the free Prime Gaming prizes for Pokemon GO, players need a functioning Amazon Prime membership. They can visit the Pokemon Go page on the prime Gaming website, sign in with their eligible account, and snap the “Claim” button to get a code. After getting the code, players can visit the Pokemon Go redemption website, sign in with their Pokemon Go account credentials, enter the code, and submit it.

The prizes will then show up in the player’s inventory after opening the game. Android players have the choice to directly paste the code in-game through the Shop, while iOS users must follow the redemption instructions provided on the website.

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