Mortal Kombat 1 is set to bring an adrenaline-pumping experience to fans of the famous fighting game series. With its aggressive reboot of the Mortal Kombat course of events, NetherRealm Studios has previously produced gigantic excitement among gamers and fans the same. Recently, the developers declared a pre-order beta, permitting fortunate players to experience the action before the game’s official release in September.

Mortal Kombat 1 Beta: Characters, Stages, and Exciting Details

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The Mortal Kombat 1 pre-order beta will run from August 18 to August 21, only accessible for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S console users who have pre-ordered the game. Sadly, the beta isn’t available to all players; just the individuals who have pre-ordered the game will have the chance to take part and get an early look into the universe of Mortal Kombat 1.

Mortal Kombat 1 Characters, Stages and More

The beta test will highlight six playable characters that will make sure to energize fans and test their fighting abilities to the greatest. Returning from the previous online stress test are Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Kenshi, and Kitana, giving a blend of classic and beloved characters. However, the developers have also revealed two new additions that players will have the opportunity to explore: Johnny Cage and Li Mei.

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Johnny Cage, known for his ego and impressive martial arts skills, has returned to deliver witty one-liners while battling opponents. Then again, Li Mei, a moderately less popular person from the 3D-era, is getting back in the game, offering a new and energizing expansion to the program. Fans are eager to see how she will fare against the other formidable fighters.

Additionally six main playable characters, the beta will likewise highlight four Kameo Warriors who will give help assaults during fights. Kano, Sonya, Jax, and Frost are getting back from the previous stress test, offering players a different arrangement of choices for their fighting strategies.

The beta testers will get the opportunity to fight it out in two iconic stages: The Teahouse and Johnny Cage’s Mansion. These stages vow to convey staggering visuals and vivid conditions that will move players directly into the Mortal Kombat universe.

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As an additional incentive, players who pre-order Mortal Kombat 1 won’t just get access to the beta yet in addition get a pre-order bonus character: the formidable Shang Tsung. Longtime fans of the franchise will be thrilled to control this iconic villain and unleash his deadly moves against their opponents.

While the beta will offer an enticing taste of what Mortal Kombat 1 has coming up, players can anticipate a full roster of 14 confirmed characters in the base game, including the pre-order bonus Shang Tsung. However, the developers have hinted at the possibility of more characters joining the roster, keeping fans on their toes for potential surprises.

Beyond the initial release, NetherRealm Studios has expressed its commitment to supporting Mortal Kombat 1 with updates and additional DLC content. Rumors have already surfaced about potential Kombat Pack 2 DLC characters, sparking further excitement among the gaming community.

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