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Toshiba’s 74-Year Stock Market History Comes to an End

Toshiba, one of Japan’s most iconic and historic companies, is on the brink of ending its 74-year stock market history. In a huge turn of events, a consortium drove by the private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) has successfully acquired a majority stake of 78.65% in Toshiba, allowing them to complete a monumental $14 billion deal to take the company private.

Toshiba's 74-Year Stock Market History Comes to an End

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This denotes a historic turning point for a company with roots dating back to 1875 and a legacy that spans numerous industries, from home electronics to nuclear power.

Toshiba’s journey started in 1875 as a producer of telegraph equipment, and over the decades, it evolved into one of Japan’s oldest and most prominent conglomerates.

After World War II, Toshiba symbolized Japan’s remarkable economic recovery and its prowess in the technology sector. In 1949, Toshiba’s shares started trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, aligning with Japan’s emergence from the ravages of war.

Toshiba’s commitment to the tech business is gigantic. In 1985, it presented what was viewed as the world’s first mass-market laptop computer, a milestone that revolutionized personal computing.

The company’s diverse divisions encompassed everything from home appliances to nuclear power stations, reflecting its expansive presence in both consumer and industrial sectors.

However, Toshiba’s recent history has been marked by a series of significant setbacks, primarily stemming from corporate governance issues.

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In 2015, the organization conceded to exaggerating its profitss by more than $1 billion over six years, prompting a gigantic 7.37 billion yen fine, the biggest of its kind in Japan at the time. This scandal shook the company’s reputation and investor trust.

After two years, Toshiba revealed significant losses in its US nuclear power business, Westinghouse, resulting in a 700 billion yen writedown.

To avert bankruptcy, Toshiba had to sell its memory chip business in 2018, a prized asset within its portfolio. These challenges underscored deeper issues within the company’s leadership and decision-making processes.

Following these misfortunes, Toshiba got a few takeover offers, including one from UK private equity group CVC Capital Partners in 2021, which the company rejected.

In the same year, it was embroiled in allegations of colluding with the Japanese government to suppress the interests of foreign investors, further damaging its reputation.

Toshiba’s reaction to these emergencies included plans to separate the organization into three separate organizations. Nonetheless, this strategy was later revised, with the board opting for a two-way split instead.

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Amidst these changes, the company’s board considered JIP’s offer to take Toshiba private, signaling a pivotal moment in its history.

Toshiba’s decision to go private comes when it needs to drastically rethink itself. It has proactively veered off a significant number of its core business units, notably its semiconductor group. The company’s ability to navigate this transformation will be crucial for its future success.

It’s noteworthy that Toshiba’s move to go private is part of a broader trend among Japanese companies seeking to avoid shareholder accountability.

The notion of Toshiba as a “national treasure” has contributed to its unique challenges, as it has faced pressure from both domestic and foreign stakeholders.

JIP’s consortium, consisting of 20 Japanese companies, including chipmaker Rohm, financial services firm Orix, and Chubu Electric Power, marks a significant shift in Toshiba’s ownership.

The completion of this $14 billion deal represents the largest M&A transaction in Japan for the year and showcases the continued growth of mergers and acquisitions in the Japanese market.

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