Khalistani Extremist Sukha Duneke Killed in Gang War in Canada

The recent news about the killing of Sukha Duneke, a famous gangster from Punjab, in Canada has once again thrust the spotlight on the complex web of criminal activities, inter-gang rivalries, and international diplomacy.

Sukha Duneke, whose real name is Sukhdool Singh, was a conspicuous figure in the criminal underworld, and his violent demise in Winnipeg, Canada, has brought up issues about the extent of gang-related violence and its connections to the Khalistan movement.

Sukha Duneke Killed in Gang War in Canada

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Sukhdool Singh, otherwise called Sukha Duneke, was a gangster hailing from the Moga district in Punjab, India. His criminal journey started in his initial years when he succumbed to drug addiction while working as a peon at the Moga deputy commissioner’s office after his father’s demise in 1990.

Over the years, he became deeply involved in criminal activities, and his name became synonymous with a wave of violence and criminality that swept through Punjab and neighboring states.

Duneke’s criminal record was extensive, with more than 20 cases of murder and other heinous crimes registered against him in Punjab and nearby states.

His criminal empire reached out extortion, ‘supari’ killings, and orchestrating crimes through his associates. Notably, he conspired to kill kabaddi player Sandeep Singh Nangal during a match in Jalandhar, showcasing the audacious and ruthless nature of his criminal activities.

In January, two of Duneke’s partners, Kulwinder Singh alias Kinda and Paramjeet Singh Pamma, were captured by the counter-intelligence wing in Bathinda.

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The arrests exposed his involvement in an extortion racket run by him and his associates, further cementing his reputation as a major player in the criminal underworld.

In 2017, Sukha Duneke escaped to Canada, using forged travel records, to dodge the law enforcement agencies that were relentlessly pursuing him in India.

This escape marked a significant turning point in his criminal career, as he continued to operate from foreign soil.

Duneke’s presence in Canada had far-reaching consequences, not just for his criminal activities but also for the broader dynamics of the Khalistan movement.

Sukha Duneke’s relationship with the Khalistan movement can’t be neglected. He was not just a conspicuous figure in the criminal world yet additionally had connections to favorable to pro-Khalistan outfits.

While his criminal activities were notorious, he also made calls for extortions and was believed to be involved in ‘supari’ killings. These activities had a double effect, serving both his criminal interests and the broader agenda of Khalistan supporters.

The Khalistan movement looks for a free Sikh state in India, and it has had a long history of violence and terrorism. Duneke’s links to this movement raised concerns about the extent to which criminal elements were infiltrating and exploiting political causes for their own gain.

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Sukha Duneke’s killing in Canada on Wednesday night sent shockwaves through the criminal underworld. He was purportedly shot dead in Winnipeg by unidentified aggressors, a stark reminder of the persistent inter-gang rivalry that plagues the region.

Gang-related violence has been a recurring issue in Punjab and neighboring areas, with rival gangs often resorting to extreme measures to eliminate their competition.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility for Duneke’s killing, alleging that he played a major role in the murders of gangsters Gurlal Brar and Vicky Middkhera, even while residing abroad.

This revelation sheds light on the extent of gang-related violence and the transnational nature of these criminal enterprises.

The killing of Nijjar, a prominent Khalistani terrorist and leader of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force, has further complicated matters.

His death outside a gurdwara in Surrey was a significant development in the ongoing battle against Khalistani extremism.

The fact that India has issued travel advisories to its citizens in Canada, citing growing anti-India activities and politically-condoned hate crimes, underscores the seriousness of the diplomatic standoff.

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