SpaceVIP Unveils the World’s First Michelin-Starred Meal in Space

Luxury space tourism operator SpaceVIP has unveiled plans for a culinary journey to the edge of space, where six lucky individuals will dine on a Michelin-starred meal prepared by acclaimed chef Rasmus Munk. With tickets priced at a $495,000 per person.

SpaceVIP Unveils the World's First Michelin-Starred Meal in Space

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The mission set to debut in late 2025, will take place aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon-neutral spacecraft.

Departing from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the six-hour journey will see participants ascend to an altitude of 100,000 feet offering breathtaking views of Earth’s curvature and the vastness of space.

SpaceVIP founder Roman Chiporukha addressed the power of space travel, stating, “This announcement has already cast its spotlight on space tourism and we are thrilled about the dialogue it has started around the importance of space travel.”

Chiporukha further said the company’s commitment to promoting universal space literacy through partnerships with leading artists and initiatives such as the Space Prize Foundation.

Chef Rasmus Munk known for his avant-garde approach to gastronomy at Danish restaurant Alchemist, will curate a menu inspired by the importance of space exploration over the past 60 years.

While details of the dishes are yet to be finalized, Munk teased the possibility of innovative creations such as aerogel-inspired food and encapsulated fragrances.

SpaceVIP has collaborated with acclaimed Michelin-starred Danish chef Rasmus Munk to curate an extraordinary dining experience aboard Spaceship Neptune.

This six-hour gastronomic odyssey will take place at an altitude of 100,000 feet above sea level. Participants will be on a high-tech space balloon trip lifted into the sky by a stratospheric space-balloon.

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The capsule equipped with luxurious amenities including reclining seats reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce, a cocktail bar, and Wi-Fi connectivity for live-streaming.

While the specifics of the menu are yet to be finalized, Chef Rasmus Munk plans to create dishes inspired by the history of space exploration and its impact on society over the past 60 years.

From aerogel-inspired delicacies to encapsulated fragrances, every aspect of the dining experience will be crafted to reflect the nature of space.

By democratizing access to space travel, SpaceVIP plans to elevate human consciousness and promote gender equity in science and technology through the proceeds directed to the Space Prize Foundation.

Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon-neutral spacecraft, will serve as the vessel for this extraordinary voyage.

Departing from the Kennedy Space Center in late 2025, it embodies SpaceVIP’s commitment to sustainable space exploration and accessibility.

SpaceVIP founder Roman Chiporukha envisions this inaugural journey as the first of many, making the way for future space tourism experiences at more affordable prices.

With overwhelming interest already expressed by qualified participants, securing the limited six seats is anticipated to be swift.

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