PlayStation 5 Slim: Design, Features, and Pricing

Following the successful launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) in 2020, the company is presently introducing another part with the PlayStation family, the PlayStation 5 Slim. This new console comes with a sleek, slim design and a range of exciting features that are sure to delight gamers.

PlayStation 5 Slim: Design, Features, and Pricing

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While Sony hasn’t officially named it the “PS5 Slim,” its slimmer profile and the organization’s past naming shows have driven most gamers to refer to it in that capacity.

The PlayStation 5 is now affectionately known as the “fat” PS5, differentiating it from the new, slimmer model.

Design: The PlayStation 5 Slim flaunts a brand-new, more compact design. The changes are not merely cosmetic; they also bring some practical improvements for gamers. Here are the key design changes:

  • A 30% decrease in volume, making it more space-efficient.
  • A weight decrease of up to 24%, making it simpler to move and ship.

The top side covers include a glossy finish, while the bottom ones have a matte finish, creating a visually striking contrast from the original console.

Storage: One critical upgrade in the PS 5 Slim is the capacity limit. It presently accompanies a 1TB Solid-State Drive (SSD), which offers ample space for your favorite games and media.

Disc Drive: The PS 5 Slim offers adaptability with regards to the disc drive. While the digital edition features a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, the standard edition comes with the drive attached, ensuring that you can choose the version that suits your gaming preferences.

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Stands: The PlayStation 5 Slim accompanies a horizontal stand included, ensuring stability when placed on a flat surface. However, if you prefer to position your console vertically, you can purchase a separate vertical stand for added convenience.

Performance: It’s essential to take note of that there is no difference in performance between the original PlayStation 5 and the new PlayStation 5 Slim. The new model’s primary goal is to offer a slimmer design while maintaining the power of its predecessor.

Update: For those still using a PlayStation 4, the PS 5 Slim presents an attractive upgrade option, as it offers a more streamlined and efficient gaming experience.

Sony’s Plan: Sony has confirmed that once the existing stocks of the original PS5 are depleted, the new PlayStation 5 Slim will become the sole model available on the market.

PlayStation 5 Slim: Pricing

  • PlayStation 5 Thin Advanced Version: $449
  • PlayStation 5 Thin (Standard Version with Plate Drive): $499

The two versions of the PlayStation 5 Slim accompanied 1TB of storage, providing ample space for your gaming library.

Additionally, Sony is offering a modular detachable disc drive for $79.99, allowing digital edition owners the flexibility to add a disc drive to their console if they choose to do so.

Stands: A horizontal stand is included with the PlayStation 5 Slim. A different vertical stand is available for buy at $29.99, catering to gamers who prefer to position their consoles vertically.

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Availability: The PS 5 Slim is scheduled to be available from November 2023. The initial launch will include select local retailers and the official Sony PlayStation Direct website. Availability and pricing details in India will be updated upon the console’s launch in the region.

Pricing: Sony has also announced pricing for the new PlayStation 5 Slim in various regions, including Europe, the U.K., and Japan, as follows:

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition: €449.99
PlayStation 5 Slim (Standard Edition with Disc Drive): €549.99

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition: £389.99
PlayStation 5 Slim (Standard Edition with Disc Drive): £479.99

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition: ¥59,980 (includes tax)
PlayStation 5 Slim (Standard Edition with Disc Drive): ¥66,980 (includes tax)

Console Covers: Sony also plans to release a variety of PS5 Console Cover colors for the new model, including an all-matte Black colorway and the Deep Earth Collection colors in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver, starting in early 2024.

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