On May 15, 2024, Nio, launched its new brand, Onvo, a direct challenge to Tesla in the EV market. Positioned under the Nio umbrella, Onvo targets young families with its inaugural offering, the Onvo L60, an all-electric fastback SUV.

Nio Launches Onvo L60 to Challenge Tesla's Model Y

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The Onvo L60 starts at 219,900 yuan ($30,465), representing over a 10% price difference compared to Tesla’s Model Y, which retails for 249,900 yuan.

This competitive pricing strategy plans to capture a huge market share by offering affordability without compromising on quality.

The Onvo L60 has energy efficiency with a consumption of 12.1 kWh/100km, outperforming the Model Y’s 12.5 kWh/100km under similar conditions.

It offers three range variants: Standard (555 km), Long (730 km), and Extra Long Range (1000+ km). Battery options include 60 kWh, 90 kWh, and a 150 kWh semi-solid state battery.

Designed by former Bentley designer Raul Pires, the Onvo L60 features a sleek, aerodynamic profile with dimensions of 4828/1930/1616 mm (L/W/H) and a wheelbase of 2950 mm. While slightly larger than the Model Y.

Equipped with one Nvidia Orin X chip, the Onvo L60 has advanced computing power of 254 TOPS, complemented by high-definition cameras, radar, and 360-degree imaging. Its 900V architecture enables rapid charging.

The cabin showcases a large 17.2″ central control screen with 3K resolution, supplemented by a 13″ head-up display (HUD) and an 8″ entertainment LCD for rear passengers. Innovative design elements include foldable front seats creating a spacious sleeping area.

All Onvo vehicles support battery swapping and are compatible with Nio’s swap stations, enhancing convenience and addressing range anxiety concerns.

Compatibility with third and fourth-generation swap stations ensures integration into Nio’s existing infrastructure.

Onvo plans to launch globally with the European Union identified as its first international market. The brand’s entry-level positioning and competitive pricing plans to appeal to a broad consumer base.

Onvo, internally codenamed Alps, emerges as a mass-market sub-brand complementing Nio’s existing lineup. Led by Ai Tiecheng, formerly of Disney.

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The Onvo L60 has a 900 V high-voltage architecture for enhanced energy efficiency. Exceptional aerodynamics yield a drag coefficient of just 0.229Cd, offering a consumption rating of 12.1 kWh/100km. Three BYD-supplied battery packs promise ranges of 555 km to over 1,000 km.

Integration of a 4D imaging radar from SinPro enhances obstacle recognition, setting a new standard in safety features.

Nvidia Orin X chip powers the assisted driving system providing 254 Tops of computing power for advanced functionalities.

Priced at RMB 30,000 less than the Tesla Model Y, the Onvo L60 plans to disrupt the EV market with competitive pricing.

Onvo leverages Nio’s battery swap and charging infrastructure, enhancing accessibility and convenience for consumers.

Nio’s strategic pricing and innovative features position the Onvo L60 as a competitor. BaaS (Battery as a Service) model offers a compelling value proposition.

While initially targeting the Chinese market, Onvo’s success may make the way for international expansion including potential entry into the UK market.

The launch of Onvo represents a huge development in the competitive EV market particularly in the mid-size SUV segment.

While Tesla’s Model Y has maintained strong sales in China, Onvo’s aggressive pricing, superior technology, and strategic market positioning pose challenge.

Analysts anticipate competition and market disruption as Onvo plans to capture market share from established players like Tesla, Toyota, Xpeng, and BYD.

Questions linger regarding potential cannibalization of Nio’s main brand sales, particularly the popular ES6 model amidst the emergence of Onvo as a more affordable alternative.

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