Big Nude Boat: A Nude Cruise to Set Sail from Miami on February 3, 2025

Norwegian Cruise Line joins forces with nudist travel company, Bare Necessities to offer a voyage from Miami to the Caribbean. Departing on February 3, 2025. “The Big Nude Boat” has a 11-day adventure back to “Bare-adise.”

Big Nude Boat: A Nude Cruise to Set Sail from Miami on February 3, 2025

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Big Nude Boat is set to accommodate up to 2,300 passengers from the Port of Miami and returns on February 14, 2025.

Destinations include The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Dominica, Martinique, and St. Lucia, ensuring a great experience for travelers. Prices range from $2,000 for an inside cabin to $33,155 for a luxurious three-bedroom villa.

Passengers have the freedom to decide what NOT to wear, a stress-free, clothes-free ambiance throughout the journey.

Big Nude Boat has specialty restaurants and a large buffet area for nude outdoor dining. While clothing is optional on deck and in designated areas, certain rules ensure comfort and respect for all passengers.

Nudist etiquette such as wearing a thong or sitting on a towel is enforced to maintain decorum and hygiene standards.

Big Nude Boat addresses the non-sexual nature of social nudity aiming to dispel misconceptions and promote acceptance of clothing-optional vacationing.

Passengers must adhere to guidelines including wearing clothes in dining rooms and during port visits. Prohibited activities include inappropriate touching, being nude in front of other ships in port, and taking photos/videos without consent.

Bare Necessities prioritizes creating a natural and beautiful environment for passengers to enjoy. The partnership between Norwegian Cruise Line and Bare Necessities shows a growing acceptance of clothing-optional vacationing.

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With over 75 full-ship nude cruises under its belt, Bare Necessities continues to champion social nudity as a viable and acceptable vacation option.

“The Big Nude Boat,” has a lineup of destinations including The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten, offering passengers a blend of tropical paradises to explore. Departing on February 3 and returning on Valentine’s Day.

Accommodation options range from affordable inside cabins starting at $2,000 per person to luxurious three-bedroom villas priced at $33,155.

With a passenger capacity of up to 2,300, the Norwegian Pearl will have ample space for guests to bask in the freedom of nudity.

While clothing is optional for passengers at sea, certain rules ensure a respectful and comfortable environment.

Passengers are required to wear clothing in dining areas and while the ship is docked in port. Designated areas onboard permit nudity with standard nudist etiquette mandating the use of towels or clothing when seated.

Strict guidelines prohibit inappropriate behavior including fondling or inappropriate touching ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all passengers.

Big Nude Boat prohibits the use of lingerie, fetish wear, and unauthorized photography or videography without consent.

Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, the driving force behind this unique venture plans to promote social nudity as a natural and beautiful experience.

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