Bill Granger Godfather of Avocado Toast Dies at 54

Bill Granger, the Australian chef, food writer, and dubbed the godfather of avocado toast. Granger, aged 54, passed away in a London hospital on Christmas Day, surrounded by his beloved wife, Natalie Elliott, and their three daughters, Edie, Inès, and Bunny.

Bill Granger Godfather of Avocado Toast Dies at 54

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Known for his approach to food and his role in shaping Australian breakfast culture, Granger leaves behind a legacy that transcends borders.

Bill Granger, born in Melbourne in 1969, on a culinary journey that has over three decades. Granger rose to global prominence, earning a reputation as the King of Breakfast.

His impact was felt through the 19 restaurants he established across Sydney, London, Tokyo, and Seoul but also through his 14 cookbooks and five television series that inspired aspiring chefs and home cooks.

In 1993, Granger made culinary history by introducing the now-iconic avocado toast at his Sydney-based cafe, Bills.

This simple dish became a symbol of his culinary prowess and laid the foundation for the global avocado toast phenomenon. Granger’s contribution to the culinary industry extended beyond the kitchen.

Granger’s culinary empire expanded far his initial cafe venture. The success of Bills in Darlinghurst paved the way for the establishment of 19 restaurants across major cities, including Sydney, London, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Each establishment bore the hallmark of Granger’s commitment to fresh flavors, quality ingredients, and a welcoming communal atmosphere.

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Granger authored 14 cookbooks, sharing his culinary wisdom with a global audience. Additionally, he graced television screens with five cooking series.

The news of Bill Granger’s passing has tributes from renowned chefs, celebrities, and friends. Nigella Lawson expressed her heartbreak on Instagram, describing Granger as a lovely man whose joy emanated from his kindness and generosity.

Jamie Oliver, on the news, praised Granger’s wonderful human qualities and his impact on the culinary world.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman and his former partner Deborah-Lee Furness shared a joint statement, expressing their loss of Granger’s friendship. Granger’s talent, joie de vivre, and commitment to family were as sources of inspiration.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Donovan, and Richard E Grant joined the chorus of tributes, remembering Granger as a ray of Aussie sunshine and a culinary visionary.

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He was honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia in January, recognizing his contributions to tourism and hospitality.

He reshaped Australia’s food culture, introducing an optimistic and egalitarian approach to food. His cafes became havens for Australians and global visitors alike, a sense of community and joy around shared tables.

It is clear that his influence transcends trends and reaches into the hearts of those who had the privilege of experiencing his creations.

From the humble beginnings of Bills in Darlinghurst to the global success of Granger & Co, Bill Granger leaves behind a legacy of culinary innovation, warmth, and a commitment to making everyday food extraordinary.

Bill Granger stood out not just for his culinary expertise but for his genuine character. His impact on breakfast culture, both in Australia and beyond, is immeasurable, and his recipes will continue to inspire generations of food enthusiasts.

As the culinary world bids farewell to the godfather of avocado toast, the spirit of Bill Granger lives on in every shared breakfast, every communal table, and every moment created through the love of good food.

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