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Zoom Unveils App for Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

Zoom has unveiled its video conferencing app designed exclusively for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. Scheduled for launch on February 2, 2024, the app plans to blend the virtual and physical world, enhancing the way users connect with colleagues and clients.

Zoom Unveils App for Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

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The Vision Pro app introduces the concept of “Personas,” allowing users to present themselves as authentic representations, or digital avatars, during video calls.

These avatars are created through face scans, enabling meeting participants to see facial expressions and hand movements in real-time, eliminating the need for cameras.

The app provides a Spatial Zoom experience, allowing users to scale the video call to the ideal size. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who want to feel physically present in the same room as their colleagues and clients.

The integration with Apple Vision Pro’s infinite canvas enhances the overall meeting experience without requiring additional physical equipment or setup.

Zoom’s innovation continues with the introduction of 3D object sharing. This feature, expected to roll out in the spring, enables users to share and view 3D files within their environment.

Industries like media and design can leverage this capability for collaborative work, allowing professionals to share and experience the latest models in a more immersive manner.

Another upcoming feature is the integration of Zoom Team Chat into the Vision Pro app. This integration with Zoom Meetings streamlines communication and information sharing among teammates.

Team Chat, launched in March 2023, offers a collaborative platform for users to connect and share within the Zoom environment.

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Vision Pro wearers will have the ability to pin up to five Zoom meeting participants anywhere in their physical space.

This feature plans to create a more personalized and connected meeting experience. Users can also remove the background of pinned participants.

The Vision Pro app is set to launch on February 2, with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. Priced at $3,499, the headset represents Apple’s way into mixed reality, combining elements of virtual and augmented reality.

Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, Smita Hashim, addressed the app’s role in helping teams stay connected irrespective of their location or mode of communication.

The app’s integration with Apple Vision Pro and visionOS with Zoom’s commitment to providing participants with the ultimate meeting experience from anywhere.

The announcement of Zoom’s Vision Pro app has generated excitement within the XR/VR headset market. The immersive features, such as Personas and Spatial Zoom, position the Vision Pro as a device capable of optimizing professional workflows.

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Some major platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify have yet to announce plans for bespoke apps on the Vision Pro.

Questions about the adoption of mixed-reality headsets and the readiness of certain industries to embrace this technology.

The Vision Pro app’s launch follows Apple’s strategy of creating an ecosystem of applications for its mixed-reality platform.

Streaming services like Disney+, Max, and others have already committed to developing native apps for Vision Pro.

However, the absence of Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube suggests levels of industry readiness for mixed-reality experiences.

Zoom’s approach in developing a tailor-made app for Vision Pro underlines the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of collaboration technologies.

The integration of features like Personas, Spatial Zoom, and 3D object sharing shows Zoom enhancing the user experience in virtual meetings.

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