Netflix, YouTube and Spotify Won’t Launch Apple Vision Pro Apps

Apple Vision Pro headset prepares for its launch on February 2, 2024, the tech industry is with discussions about the absence of the apps from major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix.

Apple Vision Pro Apps

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Major players such as Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify have announced their decision to opt out of developing native apps for the Vision Pro’s operating system, VisionOS.

Google’s YouTube, has decided not to develop a native app for the Apple Vision Pro. This comes despite YouTube’s presence on Apple devices, with the platform being preinstalled on the original iPad in 2010.

YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby mentioned that there are no immediate plans for a app for VisionOS, the operating system of the Vision Pro.

However, she added that YouTube users can still access the platform through Safari on the headset. Joining YouTube in refraining from launching an app for the Vision Pro, Spotify has also taken a stance.

While Spotify has not definitively ruled out the possibility of future support for the Vision Pro, it currently has no plans to develop a new app for visionOS.

Netflix was the first major streaming service to announce its decision not to offer an app for the Apple Vision Pro.

Instead, Netflix users are directed to access the service through the Safari web browser on the headset. This move by Netflix, a pioneer in the streaming industry, set for other major players, including YouTube and Spotify.

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The absence of these apps from YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix concerns about the overall user experience on the Vision Pro.

Dedicated apps often provide features such as offline viewing, spatial audio integration, and optimized controls for VR environments. Without these apps, users may face limitations in terms of functionality and content consumption.

While YouTube and Spotify have opted out of developing dedicated apps, several other entertainment apps are still on board.

Platforms like Disney+, Max, Peacock, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video have committed to supporting the Vision Pro, contributing to Apple’s claim that the device will have access to over 1 million titles in its App Store.

Searches conducted by MacStories show that other iPhone and iPad apps, including Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are also not currently set to work on the Vision Pro.

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The industry may change by the device’s launch, and developers could release new dedicated versions for visionOS.

The absence of certain apps at this stage questions about the industry’s readiness for Apple’s new mixed-reality headset.

Apple’s executive in charge of the Vision Pro has mentioned that the company expects health care, technician training, education, and eventually corporate applications to become areas for the product.

The Vision Pro represents Apple’s first major new product category since the introduction of smartwatches in 2015. The company is positioning the headset as a platform for video, games, and other entertainment.

The industry in the mixed-reality space is changing, with companies like Meta already establishing a presence with the Meta Quest VR headsets.

The decision by YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix not to develop native apps for the Vision Pro may influence consumer preferences and adoption of Apple’s new offering.

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