Ukraine Drone Strikes Russian Tankers and Naval Ships

The Black sea region has been seeing pressures as Ukraine and Russia engage in a series of drone attacks targeting each other’s vessels. In the most recent incident, a Russian-flagged tanker, the SIG, was hit by a Ukrainian sea drone close to the Crimean bridge, which associates the Back sea and the Sea of Azov.

This attack comes just a day after one more Ukrainian drone harmed a Russian naval force ship in a similar region. The SIG tanker, its operator, and its owner had recently been sanctioned by the US for their role in delivering jet fuel to Russian troops in Syria.

The circumstance adds further complexity to the continuous Ukraine-Russia battle, with the two sides depending on automated drone technology in their maritime engagements.

Ukraine Drone Strikes Russian Tankers and Naval Ships

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Sources Related to Russia-Ukraine War (For R&D)

As indicated by Russian sources, the SIG big tanker was moving toward the Kerch strait when it was attacked by the Ukrainian sea drone. The Russian Federal Marine and River Transport agency reported that the vessel sustained a hole in the engine room near the waterline on the starboard side, presumably due to the drone strike.

However, they confirmed that the tanker stayed above water and that there were no losses. The attack on the SIG tanker happened shortly after another incident where a Russian navy ship was hit by a Ukrainian drone near the port of Novorossiysk.

Ukrainian media, citing an unknown security source, confirmed that the nation was indeed responsible for the attack on the Russian-controlled vessel. While Ukraine rarely admits to such attacks, this incident occurred in its regional waters, making it challenging to deny.

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The Ukrainian security administration source revealed that the attack was done together with the Ukrainian naval force and involved the utilization of roughly 450kg of TNT explosive.

The targeted tanker, the SIG, had been delivering oil to Russian troops stationed in Syria, which explains its previous sanctioning by the US.

The Black sea region has seen elevated conflicts among Ukraine and Russia, especially since Moscow left a significant UN deal that permitted Ukrainian grain to be securely traded across the Black sea. The two sides have expanded their use of drone technology in these engagements.

Ukraine, lacking a naval fleet, has been depending on Sea drones and launched missiles to push back against Russian maritime power. The recent attacks on Russian tankers and naval ships indicate Ukraine’s determination to counter Russian dominance in the region.

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The planning of these attacks is critical, as Saudi Arabia is getting ready to host peace talks in Jeddah to discuss how to end the war in Ukraine. Invitations have been sent to around 30 countries, excluding Russia.

The recent drone strikes may further complicate the negotiations and raise concerns about the conflict spilling beyond its borders.

The use of automated sea drones in these attacks signifies a shift towards technological warfare and raises questions about the extent to which these drones can tip the balance in the conflict.

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