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Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency as Clashes Escalate in Amhara Region

Ethiopia’s Amhara region has been encountering escalating violence and conflicts between the military and local armed groups, prompting to a declaration of a state of emergency by the country’s Council of Ministers. The conflict, which ejected recently, has provoked regional authorities to look for extra assistance from government specialists to restore order.

Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency as Clashes Escalate in Amhara Region

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Ethiopia is a diverse country with 11 districts, each with its own regulatory independence and local forces. The Amhara region, as the second generally crowded, plays had a vital impact in Ethiopia’s political landscape.

Historically, the Fano militia, a part-time armed group with no formal command structure, was allied with the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) during the Tigray war.

However, the relationship soured when the central government tried to weaken regional paramilitary groups and integrate them into the national army and police force.

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The emergency in Amhara heightened in April when the government moved to disarm the region’s special forces. This decision ignited fights, as some Amhara patriots saw it as a danger to their territorial security.

The tension reached its peak earlier this week when clashes broke out between the ENDF and the Fano militia near Debre Tabor. The situation quickly spiraled into a security crisis, leading to widespread violence, road blockades, and the disruption of essential services.

Because of the disintegrating circumstance, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office declared a state of emergency in Amhara. The move empowers the government to take stringent measures to restore order, including the imposition of curfews, banning public gatherings, and making arrests without warrants. However, it stays unclear whether the limitations will be restricted to Amhara or will apply cross country.

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The raising violence in Amhara presents huge difficulties to Ethiopia’s stability and national security. The turmoil has previously caused extreme economic damage and disrupted humanitarian operations.

The region’s major cities, Gondar and Lalibela, both popular tourist destinations, have seen flights suspended due to the volatile situation. With the internet shut down in various parts of the region, communication and access to information have been severely affected.

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