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Train Collision in Bangladesh Kills 17 and More than 100 Injured

No less than 17 individuals have lost their lives, and more than 100 others have been left injured after two trains crashed in northeastern Bangladesh. This accident occurred in the city of Bhairab, leaving a trail of destruction and sorrow.

Bangladesh train collision

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The accident happened when a cargo train collided head-on with a passenger train, resulting in the derailment of two passenger carriages.

This freight train, en route to Chattogram, crashed into the rear of the Dhaka-bound Egarosindhur Godhuli Express passenger train.

The incident took place at 3:30 PM local time (09:30 GMT), catching many passengers on board by surprise. The collision was sudden and catastrophic, leading to huge damage and loss of life.

Rescue operations began promptly, with emergency responders racing to the scene. The effect of the collision was so severe that several passengers were trapped under overturned coaches, and their rescue was a race against time.

The damaged carriages presented a harrowing sight, leaving rescue workers with the daunting task of cutting through wreckage to reach injured individuals.

Government administrators and police, were quick to confirm the toll. Sadiqur Rahman, a government administrator in Bhairab, reported the recovery of 17 bodies and over 100 people injured.

However, the death toll was expected to rise as rescuers continued to work at the accident site. Witnesses reported that bodies were crushed and trapped under the mangled carriages.

Right after this disaster, railway services in the region were promptly suspended. The collision disrupted the normal flow of train traffic and led to widespread transportation disruptions.

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Passengers who rely on the railway system were left stranded, and authorities faced the challenging task of providing alternative transportation options to minimize inconvenience to the public.

At the time of reporting, the immediate cause of the collision was not established. Investigations were underway to determine the factors that led to this catastrophic train collision.

Train accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon in Bangladesh, and they are often attributed to a combination of issues, including unsupervised railway crossings, inadequate signaling, and poor track conditions.

Railway infrastructure in Bangladesh faces challenges. Inadequate maintenance, aging tracks, and underinvestment have all contributed to a system that is susceptible to accidents.

The country’s densely populated urban areas and high passenger loads further intensify the risks associated with railway travel.

Rescue operations continued long into the night, with teams working to extract survivors and casualties from the wreckage.

The efforts were supported by local residents and volunteers who rushed to the scene to lend a helping hand.

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The scenes at the accident site were emotionally charged, with many individuals anxiously searching for their loved ones among the injured and the wreckage.

The Red Crescent, a humanitarian organization, played a crucial role in providing support to the injured. Volunteers from the Red Crescent and other aid organizations worked alongside government agencies, including the fire service, police, and the elite Rapid Action Battalion security force.

The goal was to ensure that those in need received prompt medical attention and care. Mosharraf Hossain, a fire official in Bhairab, described the scene as “chaotic.”

The collision had a wave of confusion, sorrow, and concern among those present at the site. Families anxiously awaited news of their loved ones, not knowing whether they were among the injured, the deceased, or miraculously unscathed.

Preliminary reports suggested that the container train, which was involved in the collision, had disregarded a signal.

The locomaster, assistant locomaster, and guard of the freight train were suspended pending further investigation.

Bangladesh Railway Director General Quamrul Ahsan confirmed that these actions were taken as part of the preliminary inquiry.

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