TikTok Users Increasingly Using the App for News, Pew Report

TikTok is emerging as a source of news for a growing number of users. According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research, the percentage of TikTok users who rely on the platform for news has almost doubled since 2020.

TikTok Users Increasingly Using the App for News, Pew Report

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This shift in news consumption habits is part of a trend where digital platforms, including social media, are becoming an increasing sources of information for the public.

Pew Research’s data reveals a spike in the percentage of users turning to the app for news. In 2020, only 22% of TikTok users reported getting news from the platform, but this figure skyrocketed to 43% in 2023.

This growth outpaces other social media platforms, making a player in the market of digital news consumption. The study highlights interesting demographic variations in news consumption on different platforms.

Women are reported to be more likely to get their news from Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, while men tend to lean towards platforms such as Reddit, X, and YouTube.

This gender disparity in news consumption habits underlines the diverse ways individuals engage with digital content across various platforms.

Pew’s research delves into the political news consumers on different platforms. TikTok seems to have a more balanced political user base, with no partisan difference among its news consumers.

In contrast, other platforms like X exhibit clear political divisions, with 46% of users leaning Republican and 49% Democratic.

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Understanding these political nuances provides insights into the dynamics of news consumption within the digital.

TikTok’s appeals across age demographics, with adults aged 18 to 29 being the most likely to regularly get news on the platform.

Approximately 32% of Americans in this age group report using app for news, showcasing the platform’s resonance with younger audiences.

The study indicates that users are now as likely to get news from the app as Facebook users are to get news from the Facebook platform, signaling a shift in preferences among different age cohorts.

While Facebook remains the dominant social media platform for news consumption, TikTok’s growth has outpaced other platforms since 2020.

Facebook has a 30% regular news consumption rate among U.S. adults, followed by YouTube at 26%. Instagram and TikTok closely trail with 16% and 14%, respectively.

The study shows on how social media platforms are competing for users’ attention and advertisers’ budgets, with app emerging as a strong contender.

The research touches upon Meta’s attempts to reduce the prevalence of news on its platforms, particularly in response to regulatory pressures in markets.

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Despite these efforts, Facebook remains a player in the news consumption market. The study reflects on the challenges platforms face in balancing news with other content types and meeting regulatory expectations.

The report acknowledges concerns about TikTok’s influence, especially considering its Chinese origins. Questions have been raised about whether the Chinese government may have a hand in shaping content trends on the platform.

While there is no evidence to support such claims, the study acknowledges the ongoing debates related to connection with the Chinese government.

Pew’s findings indicate a shifting market in how Americans consume news. While Facebook remains a powerhouse, the influence of various social platforms is declining over time.

The study suggests a decrease in overall reliance on social media apps for news, possibly increased the quality and reliability of news shared on these platforms.

A trend highlighted in the study is the increasing preference for digital devices over traditional media for news consumption.

Americans are twice as likely to prefer getting their news from digital devices compared to watching TV. This shift in preferences underlines the impact of technology on how people access and engage with news content.

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