Taiwan Hit by Over 200 Aftershocks Following Deadly Earthquake

Taiwan has hit by massive earthquake that struck the island nation more than two weeks ago. The recent tremors numbering over 200, have disrupted daily life, particularly in the eastern coastal city of Hualien. While no casualties have been reported.

Taiwan Hit by Over 200 Aftershocks Following Deadly Earthquake

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Over 200 tremors have hit Taiwan between the late hours of April 22 and early April 23. The strongest of these aftershocks measured a magnitude of 6.3, striking near Hualien, the epicenter of the initial earthquake.

These aftershocks are believed to stem from the massive quake that rocked Taiwan on April 3 registering a magnitude of 7.2.

The initial earthquake inflicted damage to infrastructure and claimed the lives of at least 16 individuals, with over a thousand sustaining injuries.

Reports show that buildings across various regions of northern, eastern, and western Taiwan experienced tremors, causing concern among residents and authorities alike.

The historic Hotel Fouquet and the damaged General’s House were reported to have collapsed, although thankfully, both structures were unoccupied at the time.

Instances of leaning buildings and swaying furniture were also observed. Authorities have been vigilant in monitoring the situation and providing timely updates to the public.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration and Seismological Centre have been instrumental in tracking seismic activity and assessing risks.

President Tsai Ing-wen issued cautionary advice, urging citizens to remain vigilant and adhere to safety protocols, including the principle of “duck, cover, stay put” during earthquakes.

Major industries such as chip manufacturing, TSMC, have confirmed that their operations remain unaffected.

The continued seismic activity poses challenges for businesses and could disrupt supply chains and economic stability if not adequately managed.

Director Wu Chien-fu of the Taiwan Seismological Centre anticipates that aftershocks may persist for up to six months, albeit likely diminishing in intensity over time.

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While the risk of earthquakes exceeding a magnitude of 7.0 remains low, ongoing vigilance and preparedness efforts are paramount to safeguarding lives and minimizing damage.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports that the strongest of the recent aftershocks registered at 6.3, with tremors including a 6.1 and a 6.0, striking within minutes of each other.

Taipei’s Central Weather Administration corroborated these findings, indicating a seismic event centered around Hualien.

The seismic activity has led to visible effects on infrastructure, with reports emerging of buildings swaying and, in some cases, tilting precariously.

The Full Hotel in Hualien has experienced structural damage, exacerbating its already compromised state following the previous earthquake.

Authorities have taken precautionary measures including the closure of schools and offices in Hualien. This approach aims to ensure the safety of residents and tackle risks by potential structural instability. President Tsai Ing-wen’s directive, urging citizens to refrain from venturing into mountainous areas.

The disappearance of two Singaporeans underlines the need for continued vigilance and efforts in search and rescue operations.

Seismological experts, including Seismological Centre Director Wu Chien-fu, warn of the potential for continued aftershocks in the coming months, albeit at a reduced intensity.

While the likelihood of earthquakes reaching magnitudes of 7.0 or higher is deemed low, the lingering threat necessitates sustained preparedness measures and public awareness campaigns.

Taiwan’s geographical location, situated near tectonic plate junctions, underlines the perennial risk of seismic activity, necessitating ongoing investment in resilient infrastructure and disaster response mechanisms.

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