Srinagar: 6 Killed and 19 Missing as Boat Capsizes in River Jhelum

On Tuesday, In Srinagar’s Gandbal area, a boat capsized in the Jhelum River, 6 killed and atleast 19 individuals missing. The incident occurred during heavy rains that have led to rising water levels across various water bodies including the Jhelum.

Srinagar: 6 Killed and 19 Missing as Boat Capsizes in River Jhelum

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At least six individuals have lost their lives in the incident, with four confirmed dead and two additional casualties reported.

Among the deceased are Firdousa (30), Razia (18), Shabir (23), Gulzar (30), Tanvir, and Mudasir. At least 19 individuals, including several children are reported missing following the capsizing of the boat.

The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) has initiated rescue operations, with support from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and local authorities.

Figures, including Kashmir’s Divisional Commissioner, IGP, Srinagar Deputy Commissioner, and SSP are overseeing the rescue efforts.

Incessant rains over the past days have contributed to increased water levels in the Jhelum River. Witnesses tell that the capsizing was the force of the fast-flowing water which snapped the rope used to guide the boat across the river.

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah expressed deep concern over the incident. Authorities including Srinagar District Magistrate Bilal Mohi-ud-Din Bhat and political official Manoj Sinha have assured all possible assistance to the affected families.

Local residents shocked by the incident demand action from authorities, including the SDRF, to expedite rescue efforts and provide support to affected families.

Past incidents, such as the 2018 Godavari River capsizing and the Kerala double-decker boat incident are reminders of the dangers associated with water transportation in India.

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A rescue operation has been launched with teams from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and local police actively engaged in search and retrieval efforts.

Rescue personnel are working to locate and assist any remaining survivors. Authorities at both the local and state levels have mobilized to address the crisis.

Figures such as Kashmir’s Divisional Commissioner, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Deputy Commissioner, and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) have been on-site to oversee rescue efforts and coordinate resources effectively.

Concerned residents, along with family members of the victims, have gathered along the riverbanks anxiously awaiting updates on the rescue operation and offering support to one another during this trying time.

While accidents are not uncommon in the region’s mountainous terrain, there are growing calls for safety measures and stricter regulations to prevent similar incidents.

Instances such as the 2018 Godavari River capsizing, which claimed 30 lives, and the 2023 Kerala beach disaster, resulting in 22 fatalities.

Public figures, including former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and political official Manoj Sinha have expressed their condolences with the affected families.

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