Afghanistan Floods: 33 Killed, 27 Injured and 600 Houses Damaged

Heavy flooding by seasonal rains has caused damage across Afghanistan claiming the lives of at least 33 individuals and leaving 27 others injured over a span of three days. The calamity struck various provinces including Kabul, Farah, Herat, Zabul, and Kandahar.

Afghanistan Floods: 33 Killed, 27 Injured and 600 Houses Damaged

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According to reports from the Taliban-controlled State Ministry of Disaster Management, a 606 homes either partially or completely destroyed.

The scale of the disaster is addressed by the loss of over 200 livestock and the inundation of approximately 800 hectares of agricultural land, dealing a severe blow to the already fragile economy of the region.

The spokesperson for the ministry, Janan Saiq, lamented the toll exacted by the floods, addressing that the majority of the casualties occurred in the provinces of Kandahar, Farah, Herat, and Zabul. Roof collapses accounted for most of the fatalities.

The rains compounded by inadequate infrastructure and resource constraints have been the plight of Afghan civilians, many of whom are now left homeless and destitute.

With over 600 kilometers of roads rendered impassable, access to essential services and relief efforts has been severely impeded.

The situation has called the urgent appeals for assistance, with the State Ministry for Disaster Management Affairs reporting the distribution of aid to over 22,000 families in the affected areas.

Since the Taliban’s return to power in 2021, the flow of foreign aid crucial for the impact of such crises has dwindled, leaving the country ill-equipped to cope with the mounting challenges by climate change-induced extreme weather events.

Janan Saiq, the spokesperson for the ministry, spoke with a heavy heart as he recounted the aftermath of the floods. “Thirty-three precious lives have been extinguished, and countless others have been left to grapple with the anguish of loss,” he said.

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The majority of casualties, he revealed, were the result of roof collapses. With over 600 kilometers of roads washed away by the floods, access to critical services and relief efforts has been compromised.

The displaced families, forced to flee their homes in search of refuge is compounded by the logistical nightmare confronting aid agencies struggling to go through tough terrain and deliver assistance to those in need.

The toll on infrastructure and agriculture is equally distressing, with around 800 hectares of agricultural land submerged and more than 85 kilometers of roads rendered impassable.

Afghanistan’s natural disasters is well-documented, with floods, earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, and droughts causing constant threats to its people.

As meteorological authorities predict continued rainfall in the coming days across the nation’s 34 provinces.

With over 22,000 families already receiving aid in the current solar month, the State Ministry for Disaster Management Affairs is bracing for the possibility of humanitarian needs in the time of disaster.

The timing of the floods follows an unusually dry winter season, by the challenges faced by Afghan farmers, delaying planting activities and threatening food security in the region.

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