Spotify Launches AI Playlist Feature Based on Prompts

Spotify has unveiled an AI feature, allowing users to create personalized playlists through text prompts. This advancement is following the success of its AI DJ introduced last year. The AI Playlist feature, currently in open beta, is set to enhance the user experience, particularly for Premium subscribers.

Spotify Launches AI Playlist Feature Based on Prompts

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AI Playlist feature enables users to generate curated playlists based on written prompts. Initially available to Premium subscribers on Android and iOS devices in the UK and Australia.

Users can access the feature through the “Your Library” tab and selecting the “AI Playlist” option. Users can input prompts ranging from genres, moods, artists, to activities, movie characters, and even emojis.

The AI leverages large language models (LLMs) and personalized data to fulfill user requests. After generating a playlist, users can refine it further by issuing commands like adjusting the mood or removing specific tracks.

The app provides various prompt suggestions such as “music to read to on a cold, rainy day” or “songs to serenade my cat.”

Offensive prompts or those related to current events or specific brands are not entertained. Measures are in place to ensure responsible usage and prevent misuse of the feature.

With the AI effectively matching songs to niche prompts. Users appreciate the convenience of generating personalized playlists through text prompts.

The feature enhances music discovery as a creative tool for users to explore new genres and moods. The AI Playlist feature comes with ongoing investment in AI technology to enhance its streaming service.

It complements existing features like AI DJ and Spotify’s commitment to leveraging AI for personalized experiences.

Spotify intends to continue refining the AI Playlist feature based on user feedback and usage data. Expansion to additional regions and platforms is expected in the coming months.

The introduction of advanced AI features may contribute to price increases in Spotify’s subscription plans. Premium subscribers gain exclusive access to AI-driven features, enhancing the value proposition of premium memberships.

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AI Playlist feature distinguishes itself from competitors by offering advanced customization and personalization.

The growing adoption of AI in music streaming underlines Spotify’s leadership in leveraging technology to enrich user experiences.

Initially launching in the U.K. and Australia for Android and iOS users, the AI Playlist feature will gradually expand to other regions in the coming months. This rollout aims to fine-tune the feature based on user feedback before a global release.

The AI Playlist feature can be accessed within the Spotify app under the “Your Library” tab. By tapping the plus button and selecting “AI Playlist,” users can input text prompts such as mood, genre, activity, or even emojis to generate a personalized playlist.

Once the playlist is generated, users have the option to further refine it using additional prompts. Commands like “more upbeat” or “less pop” allow users to tailor the playlist to their preferences. Additionally, users can swipe left on any songs to remove them from the playlist.

It utilizes large language models (LLMs) to understand user intent and preferences. This combined with its personalization engine, ensures that each playlist is tailored to the user’s tastes.

To maintain a positive user experience Spotify has implemented measures to prevent offensive prompts and restricts the use of certain topics such as current events or specific brands.

Early testers of the AI Playlist feature have praised its ability to generate playlists that match niche prompts accurately. The feature streamlines the playlist creation process and also serves as a discovery tool for new music.

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