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Solos Unveils AirGo Vision: Smart Glasses with ChatGPT-4o Integration

Solos has unveiled its AirGo Vision smart glasses at the Hong Kong Smart Glasses Summit. These glasses are setting a new benchmark in the wearable tech industry by being the first to integrate ChatGPT-4o.

Solos Unveils AirGo Vision: Smart Glasses with ChatGPT-4o Integration

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Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses are the first in the market to incorporate ChatGPT-4o, a multimodal AI model that enhances the glasses’ ability to provide real-time information based on visual and vocal prompts.

Launched on June 28, 2024, these glasses are set to redefine how users interact with their surroundings using wearable technology.

Equipped with an in-built camera and AI capabilities, the AirGo Vision can recognize people, objects and landmarks providing real-time information based on what the user is looking at.

Users can interact with the glasses by asking questions like, “What am I looking at?” or requesting directions.

The glasses respond to vocal prompts making it possible to capture photos, check prices or receive step-by-step guidance on activities like cooking or home improvement without using your hands.

The design allows users to switch out frames and choose when to use the front camera offering flexibility and maintaining privacy when needed.

Solos claims that the AirGo Vision glasses are among the most power-efficient on the market capable of being used throughout the day without frequent recharging.

The frames feature customizable LED notifications that adapt to the environment providing discreet alerts through sound, vibration or light flashes.

In noisy environments, the LED light can visually notify users of incoming calls or important emails. In quiet places like libraries, a flash can discreetly alert the wearer without causing a disturbance. This feature is beneficial for users with hearing impairments.

Users can ask the glasses for better price options while shopping making it a valuable tool for cost-conscious consumers.

The glasses can provide directions to landmarks or assist in navigating unfamiliar areas without the need to pull out a phone.

The AirGo Vision is seen as a direct competitor to Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses with added features like modular designs and advanced AI capabilities.

Solos plans to release LED-only frames in July priced at $249.99 and continues to develop new features to expand the functionality of their smart glasses lineup.

One of the features of the AirGo Vision is its built-in camera, which can capture high-quality photos and videos.

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Unlike earlier models of smart glasses that simply recorded footage, the AirGo Vision’s camera can analyze and provide context for what it captures. This could range from identifying a person to providing detailed information about an object or location.

The AirGo Vision can recognize and provide information on a wide array of objects and people. This feature is particularly useful for various applications such as cooking, where the glasses can offer step-by-step instructions or shopping where they can compare prices and find better deals.

With no need for a display, the AirGo Vision provides auditory prompts for navigation and information retrieval.

Users can receive directions, check messages or even learn more about their surroundings without looking at their phones. This functionality is delivered through a built-in speaker.

A feature of the AirGo Vision is its swappable frame system. Users can switch out frames based on their needs or preferences.

If you’re heading to a location where cameras are not permitted such as a theater you can easily swap to a frame without a camera.

The AirGo Vision glasses can integrate with other leading AI models like Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude.

This flexibility allows users to choose the AI that best suits their needs, whether it’s for general queries, detailed analysis or specific tasks.

The AirGo Vision glasses are designed with practicality in mind. They feature discreet LED indicators that alert users to incoming calls or emails.

While the exact price for the AirGo Vision has not been announced, it is expected to cost more than the camera-less version, which is priced at $249.99.

Given the competitive pricing of similar products like Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses, which start at $299, the AirGo Vision is likely to be positioned within a similar price range. The release is anticipated later this year.

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