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Synthesia 2.0 Introduces Full-Body AI Avatars for Communication

Synthesia, an AI-driven video production company backed by Nvidia has introduced a suite of new features that enhance its platform’s capabilities. The company’s new updates include the ability to create AI avatars using a simple webcam or phone, full-body avatars and advanced screen recording tools.

Synthesia 2.0 Introduces Full-Body AI Avatars for Communication

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The platform’s new feature allows users to create personalized AI avatars by recording footage of themselves using a laptop webcam or phone.

This is a departure from the traditional method which required professional studio setups with green screens and high-quality cameras.

The platform captures facial and vocal nuances to generate lifelike avatars that can speak in multiple languages.

Synthesia’s avatars were limited to portrait views, focusing on facial expressions. Now, users can create full-body avatars that include realistic hand and arm movements.

This feature addresses the challenge of generating natural-looking hand movements which is typically difficult for AI to replicate.

The new screen recording tool integrates AI avatars that guide users through content they are viewing. This tool is designed to enhance engagement and make video content more interactive and informative. It simplifies the creation of instructional videos, product demonstrations and educational content.

Synthesia’s EXPRESS-1 model introduces expressive AI avatars that adapt their tone, expressions and body language based on the context of the script.

These avatars can convey a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and frustration, making them more relatable and engaging.

The AI Video Assistant helps users overcome creative blocks by quickly generating video drafts from templates, prompts or uploaded documents.

This tool can also incorporate brand elements like typography, colors and logos to ensure consistent video branding.

Future updates will allow the creation of multiple videos from a single knowledge center link, transforming articles into engaging videos.

The platform supports translations into over 120 languages with a single click, making it easier for global companies to create localized video content.

Changes made to the original video automatically reflect across all language versions, streamlining the translation process.

A new interactive video player supports language-specific playback and features like quizzes and personalized call-to-actions.

The platform is committed to responsible AI usage and is integrating AI safety measures into its products. The company is pursuing ISO/IEC 42001 certification, which is a global standard for AI management.

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The company’s platform is now used by over 55,000 businesses including nearly half of the Fortune 100, to create a variety of video content for training, marketing and internal communications.

Synthesia’s tools allow companies to produce videos quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Users can now create AI avatars using footage captured on a laptop webcam or smartphone, eliminating the need for recording equipment.

The process to create an avatar requires less than five minutes of recording, reducing production time and making it feasible for quick, on-the-go content creation.

The new full-body avatars are capable of complex gestures including moving across a room and using hands, making them more lifelike and engaging.

These avatars can be utilized for various purposes such as training videos, promotional content and more.

Users can clone their voices, enabling avatars to speak naturally in multiple languages. This feature is valuable for global businesses aiming to reach diverse audiences.

The multilingual functionality ensures content is accessible and relatable to a wider audience, breaking language barriers in communication.

Synthesia’s tools are designed to enhance productivity by simplifying the video creation process for businesses those lacking the resources for traditional video production.

The company offers various subscription plans, starting from $22 for a “Starter” plan to custom “Enterprise” plans tailored to specific business needs.

Synthesia faces competition from other AI video tools like Veed, Colossyan, Elai, and HeyGen as well as platforms like TikTok’s Symphony Assistant.

The new iteration of the platform, Synthesia 2.0 is designed to meet the demands of modern workplace communication and collaboration.

The addition of full-body avatars and advanced screen recording tools are expected to make Synthesia an indispensable tool for businesses looking to leverage video content for various purposes.

Priced at $22 per month, this plan is designed for individuals and small businesses looking to create simple videos.

At $67 per month, this plan offers more advanced features and is suitable for professional content creators.

Custom pricing is available for large organizations with specific requirements, negotiated through Synthesia’s sales team.

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