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SMITE 2 Officially Announced, Alpha Playtest Launches Spring 2024

The popular third-person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), is set to receive a sequel named SMITE 2. Developed by Titan Forged Games, this sequel promises enhanced graphics and gameplay and also introduces changes to the game’s professional esports circuit.

SMITE 2 Officially Announced, Alpha Playtest Launches Spring 2024

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SMITE emerged as an entry into the MOBA genre, deviating from the standard RTS (Real-Time Strategy) point of view.

Developed by Titan Forged Games in response to the success of Riot’s League of Legends, SMITE provided players with a third-person competitive action experience, maintaining the structure of a traditional MOBA but with over-the-shoulder combat.

Over the course of a decade, SMITE has introducing approximately 130 heroes inspired by gods from various ancient pantheons.

Regular esports tournaments is the game’s competition. However, with the unveiling of SMITE 2 during the SMITE World Championship in Arlington, Texas, developers to usher in a new era for both the game and its esports circuit.

The feature lies in its change from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 5, promising an overhaul to game mechanics.

This also changes the esports ecosystem. Unfortunately, technical constraints prevent the migration of all paid cosmetics from the original title to the sequel.

To address this, a system known as Legacy will be introduced, enabling players who invested real money in SMITE to receive an amount of premium currency in SMITE 2.

The launch timeline includes a spring alpha testing period extending throughout the summer, followed by a beta in autumn. While the final release date remains pending, it is anticipated to conclude by the end of the year.

The esports scene for SMITE 2 is set for a transformative year in 2024. Departing from the developer-owned SMITE Pro League Circuit, SMITE 2 introduces the Founder Series.

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This series will kick off during the alpha testing phase, featuring competitive, open online qualifying tournaments and LAN Majors with associated prizing.

For the first time since 2017, competitive SMITE will be played in Europe, breaking the geographical restrictions previously imposed on professional players.

The transition to a Majors-focused esports scene to eliminate the requirement for full-time SMITE pro players to be based in Atlanta.

This change is the strength of players from various locations, as demonstrated in the SMITE World Championship where top EU semi-pro teams outperformed SPL teams.

As the original SMITE proudly claims the title of Console MOBA, has over 50% of its player base on consoles, SMITE 2 is positioned as a next-gen game due to its integration with Unreal Engine 5, supported by newer consoles.

The game, distinguished by controller optimizations and a center for balancing values, has successfully attracted an audience, differentiating itself from traditional MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2.

SMITE 2’s launch plan involves a beta release featuring a roster of 50 new and returning heroes designed to be new-player-friendly.

The original SMITE will persist online, receiving updates but not introducing new heroes. SMITE 2, on the other hand, will undergo enhancements, including new graphics, expanded tutorials, and gameplay changes.

SMITE 2 Executive Producer, Alex Cantatore, addresses the importance of respecting the legacy of SMITE players.

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The transition to the Unreal Engine 5 and the introduction of a Legacy system ensure that players’ time, achievements, and monetary investments in the original SMITE are rewarded in the sequel.

SMITE 2 introduces a fusion of action third-person combat reminiscent of hero shooters and the depth of traditional MOBA gameplay.

The perspective brings players closer to the action, enhancing the impact of combat through refined camera movements and ability animations.

Visual enhancements, modernization of the UI, and the incorporation of haptic feedback for the DualSense controller contribute to gaming experience.

The item shop undergoes a transformation, allowing gods to purchase items without being limited to physical or magical contributions.

The introduction of Active Abilities to items provides players with more choices, fostering creativity and individualized playstyles.

A new interact button in the Conquest map adds elements, allowing players to fight for control of map objectives.

The Legacy Gems system ensures that gems spent in SMITE 1 carry over to SMITE 2, covering up to 50% of new purchases.

The Divine Legacy system, launching in SMITE 1, analyzes player accomplishments and grants rewards, including Unreal Engine 5 versions of classic SMITE skins.

Players’ achievements in SMITE 1 are recognized in SMITE 2 through badges, showcasing God Mastery levels and Stars.

As a true sequel, SMITE 2 coexists with SMITE 1, offering players the choice to continue their journey on PlayStation 4 or explore the enhanced features of SMITE 2 on PlayStation 5.

Excitement for SMITE 2 builds as the alpha testing phase approaches. Interested players can register for alpha playtests on the official website ( The alpha testing period, scheduled for later this year.

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