God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla DLC Review

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla offering a blend of narrative depth and engaging gameplay. While the original Ragnarök faced criticism for its attempt to conclude a trilogy’s worth of story in a single game, Valhalla has managed to distill the essence of its predecessors into a lean, experience.

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla DLC Review

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Set after the events of Ragnarök, Valhalla follows Kratos as he receives a mysterious invitation to the hall of heroes.

Inside, he confronts combat arenas constructed from his memories, providing a framing device to explore Krato’s past.

Unlike the narrative excess of Ragnarök, Valhalla opts for a more focused approach, delving into Kratos’ psyche and forcing him to confront the consequences of his heinous crimes.

The expansion successfully addresses the criticism of Ragnarök’s crowded storyline, allowing Kratos to reckon with his past actions.

Valhalla’s structure allows Kratos to revisit his past, serving as a showcase for Ragnarök’s combat. Stripped down to his elements, Kratos retains his iconic weapons the icy axe, burning Blades of Chaos, and the magical Draupnir Spear.

The game introduces upgrades, runic attacks, and debuffs, creating a dynamic and playstyle for each encounter.

The exploration of Kratos’ past becomes a journey, beautifully intertwining with the engaging combat mechanics.

Valhalla’s combat stands out as one of the most engaging versions in the rebooted franchise. The setup, with random rewards and upgrades, ensures that each run offers a fresh and challenging experience.

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The game’s use of healing items and stations is a thrilling challenge, especially in the escalating final boss fight.

The combination of Kratos’ versatile arsenal and the nature of the challenges creates a combat experience that is both familiar and exhilarating.

Valhalla excels in its narrow focus, allowing for meaningful exploration of Kratos’ psyche. The elements introduce an unpredictability to the gameplay, with each run presenting new challenges and opportunities.

The absence of narrative allows the writing team at Santa Monica Studio to peel back the layers of Kratos’ character, delivering a more compelling narrative.

The exploration of Kratos’ past sins, paired with the dynamic combat, makes Valhalla a standout to the God of War series.

Valhalla serves as a satisfying epilogue to the Norse duology but also as a bridge to the events that may happen in the third game.

The narrative closure it provides to Kratos’ character is a testament to Santa Monica Studio’s commitment to delivering a resonant story.

The DLC’s integration of locations, characters, and events from the original trilogy is the overall narrative, making Valhalla a must-play for any God of War fan.

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Valhalla’s narrative is woven into its structure, addressing Kratos’ journey. By revisiting locations, characters, and events from the past, the DLC provides a bridge between the 2018 reboot and Ragnarök, offering an exploration of Kratos’ character.

The DLC’s focus on Kratos’ self-love and forgiveness depth to the character, making Valhalla a compelling epilogue to the entire God of War series.

The DLC’s structure encourages players to experiment with different weapon combinations and abilities, leading to an array of gameplay permutations.

The randomness of rewards and upgrades ensures that each run feels distinct, challenging players to adapt to the hand they are dealt.

Even on standard difficulty, Valhalla presents a thrilling challenge, with frugal healing resources and placed stations keeping players on their toes, especially in the escalating final boss fight.

Valhalla showcases the artistic and technical prowess of Santa Monica Studio. The attention to detail in recreating Kratos’ memories, coupled with the integration of narrative elements into the structure, the studio’s commitment to delivering an engaging experience.

The DLC’s success in balancing narrative depth with dynamic gameplay demonstrates the team’s understanding of what makes the God of War franchise compelling.

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