On Saturday night, an incident took place at the 84th annual Sisters Rodeo in central Oregon when a large bull leaped over a barrier and into the crowd, injuring three people before the animal was finally captured. The incident occurred during the final portion of the bull-riding event.

Bull Incident at Sisters Rodeo: Five Injured as Party Bus Escapes Arena

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The incident occurred on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the 84th Sisters Rodeo in Sisters, Oregon. Party Bus, a rodeo bucking bull is known for its vigorous performances.

Party Bus managed to leap over the arena barrier, charging into the crowd and creating fear. At the time of the incident, the crowd was engaged in a sing-along to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” with cellphone flashlights waving in the air.

The event took place at the Sisters Rodeo more than 150 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon. The bull named Party Bus jumped over a metal gate and into the stands while the crowd sang “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood.

The bull injured three people, two of whom were transported to the hospital. All injured individuals have since been released and returned home.

The Sisters Rodeo Association confirmed that the bull ran throughout the rodeo grounds and back to the livestock holding pens.

The Sisters Rodeo was filled with spectators enjoying the final bull-riding event. As the crowd sang along to the patriotic song, the bull suddenly leaped over the fence, causing panic among the spectators.

The bull was seen circling the bull ring before making its way into the stands, prompting the rodeo announcer to activate the emergency response plan and instruct the crowd to seek higher ground.

Sisters Rodeo workers and emergency responders acted quickly to secure the bull. The animal was eventually led back to the livestock holding pens and placed into a pen.

Sisters Rodeo officials praised the quick actions of the staff and emergency responders which helped prevent further injuries.

Videos of the incident spread on social media, capturing the moment the bull jumped the fence. Spectators described the bull charging through concession areas and flipping a person into the air.

Danielle Smithers, a spectator recorded the incident and described the crowd’s reaction as initially confused with many not immediately realizing the situation.

Sgt. Joshua Spano of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that several ambulances were called to the scene and that the bull was captured quickly.

Leslie Lange, a spokeswoman for Corey and Lange Rodeo stated that the bull would receive additional training following the incident.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (P.R.C.A.) acknowledged the risks associated with rodeo events but addressed that such occurrences are rare.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jayson Janes reported four injuries with one or more injuries occurring amid the panic of the crowd fleeing.

By Monday, the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District confirmed five injuries. Two directly by the bull, One individual may have sustained a broken collarbone.

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A female suffered a leg injury. Three injured amid the crowd’s reaction, One female with a broken nose and facial injuries.

Another female possibly with a broken nose and additional facial injuries. A male with facial abrasions and a potential head injury.

Three injured individuals were transported to medical facilities by ambulance. One person was taken by a private vehicle. Another was taken by a sheriff’s cruiser. All injured were treated and released without requiring hospital admission.

The bull was contained by rodeo pickup men and arena staff who managed to secure it near the livestock holding pens. The arena announcer activated the emergency response plan immediately upon realizing the breach.

The association expressed gratitude for the quick and professional response that helped tackle the situation.

They also reassured the public that such an incident had never occurred in the rodeo’s long history since its inception in 1940.

Video captured by spectators showed the bull hopping the fence, running through the rodeo grounds and ultimately corralled by rodeo staff.

The video highlights the bull’s unpredictable path as it charged through the crowd and concession areas. Clips of the incident spread on social media, showing the bull knocking over a garbage can and flipping individuals head over heels.

One video showed a person in a concession area being lifted and tossed by the bull.

The stock contractor for Party Bus, Corey & Lange Rodeo did not immediately provide a comment on the incident. The bull was checked by veterinarians and found to be unharmed.

In 2022, a similar incident occurred in California where a bull jumped a fence at a rodeo event, injuring several people.

The Sisters Rodeo established in 1940 has grown into one of the most popular rodeos in the Western United States.

The rodeo joined the P.R.C.A. in 1988 and often features world champions. This was the first time in the rodeo’s history that such an incident had occurred.

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