On Sunday, the body of British TV presenter and author Dr. Michael Mosley was discovered on the Greek island of Symi after a days-long search, bringing an end to the mystery surrounding his disappearance. Mosley, who had been missing since Wednesday was found near Agia Marina beach by a boat party that included the local mayor and journalists. His wife, Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley confirmed his identity and shared heartfelt words about her husband.

Dr Michael Mosley's Body Found on Greek Island, Post-mortem Finds Died of Natural Causes

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Dr. Michael Mosley, a well-known figure in the UK for his contributions to health journalism and television went missing on Wednesday while on vacation in Symi, part of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea.

He had informed friends at Agios Nikolaos beach of his plans to walk back to his accommodation, a route that could vary in distance depending on the chosen path.

When Mosley failed to return and hours passed without any sign of him, his wife reported him missing. The search involved local police, firefighters, the coast guard and numerous volunteers.

The Greek authorities employed a range of search techniques including the use of drones and search dogs and even considered the possibility that Mosley might have drifted out to sea.

On Sunday, a boat carrying the mayor of Symi, Lefteris Papakalodoukas along with journalists spotted a body lying face-up next to a fence, approximately 20 meters above Agia Marina beach.

The body matched the description of Mosley in his last known appearance was later confirmed to be his. Initial autopsy results indicated that Mosley likely died of natural causes with no signs of external injuries. Greek police believe that he died shortly after becoming unwell during his hike.

Michael Mosley’s body was positioned in such a way that suggested he had been sitting down, possibly having collapsed from exhaustion or a sudden medical issue.

The location where he was found was not easily visible, contributing to the delay in discovering his body.

Dr. Michael Mosley was 67 years old at the time of his death and had a career in health journalism and television. He was a familiar face on British television known for his engaging and informative documentaries on health and science.

Mosley was especially recognized for his hands-on approach, often using his own body as a subject for experimentation to demonstrate the effects of various diets and health regimes.

One of his most notable contributions was the popularization of the 5:2 diet, a form of intermittent fasting that involves consuming a reduced number of calories on two non-consecutive days each week, while eating normally on the other five days.

His book, “The Fast Diet,” co-authored with journalist Mimi Spencer brought this approach to a global audience and has been credited with helping many people achieve weight loss and improve their health.

Michael Mosley also produced and presented a variety of health-focused television programs including the BBC series “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor,” where he explored different aspects of health and medicine.

His work often involved extreme personal experiments such as living with tapeworms in his intestines for the documentary “Infested! Living With Parasites,” to illustrate the impact of parasites on human health.

Tributes poured in from colleagues and fans. Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, his wife expressed her grief and admiration for her husband, describing him as a wonderful, funny and brilliant man who lived a full and adventurous life.

She also thanked the people of Symi for their efforts in searching for Mosley, told that many locals who had never heard of him before worked from dawn till dusk to help find him.

Mimi Spencer, his co-author highlighted Mosley’s genuine nature and humility, praising his enthusiasm for life and his generosity with his time.

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Former British Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson who had followed one of Mosley’s diet books to lose nearly 100 pounds called Mosley a hero and acknowledged the impact he had on public health through his work.

Dr. Saleyha Ahsan, a co-host on “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor,” remembered Mosley for his ability to explain complex scientific concepts to a broad audience.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also paid tribute to Mosley, commending his contributions to changing the conversation around health and diet.

Dr. Michael Mosley’s body was discovered near Agia Marina beach on Symi, four days after he was reported missing. On June 5th, he had set off for a walk from Agios Nikolaos beach around 13:30 local time.

Search efforts involved police officers, firefighters, divers and a helicopter, his body was only found on June 9th by a bar manager who was alerted by the island’s mayor .

The initial post-mortem examination conducted on the nearby island of Rhodes concluded that Dr. Michael Mosley died of natural causes with no injuries present that could have led to his death.

The position of his body and the absence of physical trauma suggested that he had succumbed due to natural factors . Further toxicology and histology reports have been ordered to confirm the exact cause of death.

CCTV footage obtained from a nearby beach bar showed Dr. Michael Mosley making his way down a hillside and then collapsing behind a wall, out of sight from the search teams.

This footage indicates that he likely took a wrong route leading to his collapse in a secluded area.

Dr. Michael Mosley’s colleagues including Dr. Saleyha Ahsan and Dr. Chris van Tulleken remembered him as a pioneer in health broadcasting who made contributions to public health education.

Alan Yentob, a former BBC creative director described Mosley as an adventurer with a curious and creative spirit.

Dr. Michael Mosley’s career spanned over two decades, during which he became a household name through his television programs and written works.

He was best known for shows like “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor,” “Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery,” and numerous documentaries focusing on diet and health including “The Fast 800” and the “5:2 Diet”.

Michael Mosley’s approach to health and dieting addressed evidence-based practices and personal experimentation.

His advocacy for intermittent fasting and other dietary interventions has been credited with helping millions improve their health.

Michael Mosley wrote extensively on health topics contributing to newspapers like the Daily Mail. His work often challenged conventional wisdom and encouraged individuals to take an active role in managing their health.

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