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Morocco Earthquake: Death Count Raises to Nearly 3,000

The earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, 2023, has resulted in a path of destruction and depression afterward. With a magnitude of 6.8, this earthquake has been the deadliest in Morocco in over 60 years, killing more than 2,900 individuals and injuring thousands more. As the country wrestles with this devastating earthquake, rescue efforts have entered their fourth day, presenting both challenges and glimmers of hope.

Morocco Earthquake: Death Count Raises to Nearly 3,000

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The earthquake’s epicenter was situated in the Al Haouz Territory, around 70 kilometers south of the historic city of Marrakesh. Its timing, at 11:11 p.m. local time, caught many residents off guard, leaving them vulnerable to its destructive force.

The majority of the victims hailed from remote, mountainous areas close to the epicenter, where the combination of landslides, rockfalls, and damaged roads has made rescue operations particularly challenging.

As the days have passed since the earthquake, the loss of life has kept on rising, as of now it is remaining at a disastrous 2,901.

Thousands more have been injured, and countless families have been displaced from their homes, left with only rubble and memories of what used to be. The size of this misfortune has necessitated swift and coordinated efforts to provide relief and support to the survivors.

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In light of the disaster, Moroccan authorities declared three days of national mourning. Flags flew at half-mast at every public office, highlighting the profundity of pain that has immersed the country.

The Moroccan public, strong even with misfortune, have come together to support one another and those affected by the earthquake.

One of the heartening parts of this misfortune has been the outpouring of international aid and assistance. Numerous countries and organizations have extended their support to Morocco, recognizing the urgency of the situation.

China plays had a huge impact in the relief efforts. The Chinese government declared its commitment to providing assistance to Morocco based on the country’s needs.

Chinese medical teams have been on the ground, performing life-saving procedures and delivering aid to those in need. The Red Cross Society of China gave $200,000 in real money to the Moroccan Red Crescent for immediate humanitarian assistance.

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Algeria has proposed to open its airspace to flights carrying humanitarian aid, demonstrating solidarity between neighboring countries during times of crisis.

Tunisia dispatched a specialized rescue team to Morocco to assist with search and rescue operations. These highly trained professionals are collaborating with local Moroccan rescue authorities to maximize their impact.

The IFRC launched an emergency appeal to raise 100 million Swiss francs ($112.3 million) to support the earthquake victims. This financing will be coordinated towards urgent needs such as water, sanitation, shelter, and basic necessities.

The initial 72 hours after a disaster like this are frequently alluded to as the “golden period” for search and rescue operations. During this critical window, the focus is on locating survivors trapped under the rubble.

Many rescue teams, including those from abroad, have worked tirelessly around the clock to find signs of life amid the devastation. While the odds of finding survivors diminish with each passing hour, these dedicated professionals remain undeterred in their mission.

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