Meta is Set to Launch its Twitter-Like App by June End

Meta is preparing to enter the micro-blogging market and compete with Twitter by launching a similar text-based app by the end of June. The app, codenamed P92 or Barcelona, aims to provide a mix of Instagram and Twitter functionalities, allowing users to have conversations and engage with their audience and peers.

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Meta is Set to Launch its Twitter-Like App

Meta is preparing to launch a text-based app that resembles Twitter, aiming to compete with Elon Musk’s popular micro-blogging platform. The app, codenamed P92 or Barcelona, is expected to be released by the end of June. According to reports, the app will allow users to have direct conversations with their audience and peers, creating posts with text, links, photos, and videos. It will also enable users to engage with likes and replies, fostering deeper connections with friends, fans, and creators.

App Description and Features

The app’s description highlights its purpose of enabling users to express themselves through text and share links, photos, and videos. Users will have the ability to control who can reply to their posts and mention their account, giving them greater control over their interactions. The app also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe and authentic community by enforcing the same Community Guidelines as Instagram.

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Integration and Compatibility

Meta’s new app is also set to integrate with other platforms, including Mastodon. This compatibility will allow users on various apps to search for, follow, and interact with profiles and content seamlessly. Public accounts will be accessible to users across different platforms, while private accounts can selectively approve followers.

Comparison to Twitter and Instagram

The upcoming app will resemble Instagram in terms of interface and design. Instead of a feed of photos and videos, the home screen will display a timeline of text-based posts. Users will have the ability to attach media and create threaded conversations, similar to Twitter. Meta’s extensive user base, with over 1 billion Instagram users, provides an advantage in terms of audience reach.

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Control Settings

One notable aspect of the app is the emphasis on user control. Instagram’s new text-based app will equip users with settings to manage who can reply to their posts and mention their account. This control feature will enable individuals to curate their conversations, ensuring a more tailored and personalized experience. The app will carry over blocked accounts from Instagram, maintaining consistent enforcement of Community Guidelines to ensure a safe and authentic environment.

Early Access and Influencer Outreach

To generate momentum for the launch, Meta has reportedly reached out to talent agencies and celebrities, inviting them to try an early version of the app. By collaborating with influencers and public figures, Meta aims to showcase the platform’s capabilities and gather valuable feedback. The integration with Instagram will make it easier for creators to bring their existing audience to the new app, leveraging their established following.

Decentralized and Interoperable

The app will be decentralized and interoperable with Mastodon, utilizing the ActivityPub protocol. This approach allows for greater user control and promotes a more open and connected social media ecosystem.


Meta’s upcoming text-based app aims to provide a Twitter-like experience within the Instagram ecosystem. With features that allow for greater control over interactions and an emphasis on safety and authenticity, the app seeks to attract both creators and public figures. By leveraging its existing user base, Meta aims to offer an alternative platform that combines the best of Instagram and Twitter functionalities. The app is expected to launch in June, offering users a new way to engage with their audience and express themselves through text-based conversations.

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