Humane AI Pin Review: Priced at $699 With $24 Monthly Subscription

The Humane AI Pin priced at $699 upfront with a $24 monthly subscription, the AI Pin has a compact form factor and a suite of features designed to streamline daily tasks.

Humane AI Pin Review: Priced at $699 With $24 Monthly Subscription

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The Humane AI Pin presents itself as a sturdy wearable, constructed from aluminum and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

At roughly the size of four quarters arranged in a square, or half the dimensions of a pack of gum, its compactness belies its solid construction, weighing approximately 55 grams.

Available in both white and black variants, the AI Pin has a premium feel, but its intended placement on the chest proves cumbersome in practical use, drawing unwanted attention and encountering interference from everyday activities like wearing backpacks.


Operating the Humane AI Pin is around tapping its touch-sensitive panel and issuing voice commands, an integration into daily routines.

The device’s performance falls short of expectations, struggling with basic tasks such as setting alarms or adding calendar events.

Voice commands often result in sluggish response times, attributed to reliance on Humane’s servers for processing queries.

The Humane AI Pin’s functionality remains hampered by frequent errors and inconsistencies, leaving users frustrated and disillusioned.

Projection Display

A feature of the Humane AI Pin is its Laser Ink projector display, offering a method of interaction through hand gestures and projected text.

The implementation proves cumbersome, requiring precise hand movements to go through menus and input commands.

The projector’s limited visibility in bright environments further exacerbates usability issues, rendering the interface impractical for outdoor use. The AI Pin’s interface struggles to deliver an user experience overshadowing its utility.


Equipped with a 13-megapixel camera, the AI Pin plans to simplify photo capture and multimedia playback.

The device’s camera performance falls short of expectations, plagued by slow response times and poor image quality in low-light conditions. The limited compatibility with Tidal for music streaming further restricts its multimedia capabilities.

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The Humane AI Pin’s software ecosystem, Cosmos OS, promises a platform for AI-driven interactions and data management.

Its current iteration lacks features such as message viewing and Wi-Fi setup. Connectivity issues and overheating concerns further compound the user experience, detracting from the device’s perceived value and reliability.

Despite aspirations of integration with popular music streaming services, the AI Pin’s compatibility remains restricted to Tidal, limiting its appeal to a niche audience.

Voice Interaction

The Humane AI Pin’s functionality lies in its voice interaction capabilities. While it purports to handle tasks ranging from making calls to snapping photos, the reality falls short of expectations. Basic functions such as setting alarms or adding calendar events remain absent.

Server Reliance

A fundamental flaw plaguing the Humane AI Pin is its heavy reliance on Humane’s servers for processing user queries. This introduces latency issues, with routine tasks often marred by frustrating delays and sporadic failures.

Battery Life

The AI Pin struggles to maintain adequate battery life, frequently succumbing to rapid depletion even under light usage scenarios.

Moreover, persistent overheating concerns underline the device’s struggle to balance performance with thermal management.

Laser Ink Display

The Humane AI Pin’s touted Laser Ink display, while novel in concept, fails to deliver an user experience. Its size and lackluster visibility render it impractical for everyday use, further compounded by convoluted gesture-based interactions that deter usability.

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