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Himachal Pradesh: Over 50 Dead Due to Heavy Rainfall

In the last 36 hours, the hill state of Himachal Pradesh has been ravaged by relentless heavy rains, resulting in a tragic loss of life and widespread destruction. The state government has confirmed that the loss of life has arrived at a stunning 50 lives, with a lot more caught under debris and landslides. Reports of losses and property damage have poured in from different regions including Shimla, Solan, and Mandi.

Himachal Pradesh: Over 50 Dead Due to Heavy Rainfall

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One of the most sad incidents happened in Shimla, where an landslide prompted the breakdown of a Shiva temple situated in the Summerhill area. The sad incident killed nine people, while authorities fear that the real number of deaths could be higher, as an expected 20-25 individuals may be caught underneath the rubble.

This temple was bustling with devotees who had gathered to observe the final day of Shravana, a revered month in the Hindu calendar.

Adding to the death toll, seven lives were lost in a house in Jadon town, Solan district, because of heavy rains. Sadly, two individuals in Arki village, likewise in Solan region, lost their lives when debris from landslides struck.

The heavy rains have prompted critical damage in the Nerchowk and Sundernagar areas of Mandi district, resulting in the destruction of fields and houses.

Himachal Pradesh has been wrestling with an unusually extreme storm season, causing destruction and property damage adding up to more than ₹7,000 crore (roughly $1 billion USD).

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The ongoing spell of heavy rains is essential of an extended monsoon that began on June 24, and the death toll has now climbed to 270 due to rain-related incidents and road accidents.

The Meteorological Department gave alarms for heavy rains on August 13 and 14, with another alert for August 15 to 17. These cautions come as record-breaking rainfall has been registered across different parts of the state.

In the range of only 24 hours, Kangra got 273 mm of rainfall, Sujanpur 254 mm, Dharamshala 250 mm, Jogindernagar 175 mm, Sundernagar 168 mm, and Shimla 126 mm.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has assured that rescue and relief operations are underway. Various departments, including the police, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and the military, are teaming up to help those impacted by the calamity. Moreover, a high alert has been given for further heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the coming days.

The state administration has taken proactive measures, including the closure of schools and universities across districts impacted by the extreme climate.

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While the government is doing its most extreme to deal with the emergency, the circumstance stays precarious due to the continuous rainfall and the risk of further landslides and flash floods.

The ongoing heavy rain highlights the Himalayan ecosystem, where even small triggers like heavy rains can lead to devastating events such as cloud bursts, landslides, and flash floods.

Environmentalists have long cautioned about the repercussions of unchecked infrastructure development in ecologically sensitive regions. Joined with outrageous climate conditions, such development can exacerbate the impact on local communities and the environment.

As the rescue and relief efforts go on in Himachal Pradesh, the requirement for sustainable development practices and disaster preparedness becomes even more evident.

The rainstorm rage serves in as an update that safeguarding the sensitive equilibrium of nature is fundamental to guarantee the security and well-being of both residents and visitors in these breathtaking yet vulnerable landscapes.

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