Released on May 21, 2024, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, the sequel to the Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, promised to continue the journey of its sequel. With stunning visuals, intense combat, and thought-provoking puzzles, Hellblade II offers a six-hour journey through the depths of Midgard.

Hellblade 2 Review: A Visual Spectacle Hindered by Gameplay Potholes

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Visuals and sound design in Hellblade 2 are breathtaking setting new standards for Xbox titles. The narrative and gameplay suffer from a lack of depth.

The sequel fails to capture the emotional resonance of the original, opting for cinematic spectacle over meaningful storytelling.

The plot follows Senua’s quest to confront the Northmen raiding her lands and enslaving her people. Trauma, redemption, and compassion are explored but lack the richness and complexity of the original game.

While attempting to go into Senua’s mental health struggles and societal reintegration, the execution falls short with dialogue and narration feeling overly simplistic and repetitive.

Gameplay primarily consists of walking, solving puzzles, and simplistic combat encounters. Combat feels scripted and lacking in depth, reducing encounters to repetitive button inputs against single opponents.

Puzzle-solving is straightforward and fails to provide engaging challenges resulting in a lack of player satisfaction.

Hellblade 2 shines in its visual and audio presentation with stunning environments, lifelike character animations, and sound design.

The lack of variety in settings and enemies diminishes the impact of the visual spectacle. The game’s music and binaural audio contribute to a tense atmosphere.

Set shortly after the events of the original game, Hellblade II follows Senua’s continued struggle with her psychosis and survivor’s guilt after a shipwreck leaves her struggling with her past traumas.

Senua is accompanied by a few supporting characters whose interactions provide organic exposition though their development remains surface-level.

Melina Juergens delivers a performance as Senua, portraying her complex emotions with courage and compassion, drawing players deeper into her internal conflicts.

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Hellblade II showcases Nordic-inspired landscapes and vivid environments, balancing dark and disturbing imagery with moments of serene beauty.

The game’s lighting, fog effects, and attention to detail take players in Senua’s journey aided by first-class binaural audio design that enhances the atmospheric experience.

Combat in Hellblade II addresses brutal, one-on-one encounters against human foes, with each blow carrying weight and impact.

The tight combat camera intensifies the physicality of each fight, while streamlined mechanics focus on timing and precision though some may find the combat formula familiar from the original game.

Environmental puzzles in Hellblade II provide a welcome break from combat challenging players to manipulate their surroundings to progress.

Hellblade II remains a linear adventure guiding players through Senua’s journey with hidden lorestones and Nordic knowledge trees to discover.

The game offers a chapter select feature upon completion, allowing players to revisit missed content without replaying the entire story.

Players are advised to play with headphones for the full audio immersion and to explore every corner of Midgard for hidden secrets and lore.

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