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Harvard Scientists Say Aliens May be Living Among us in Disguise

A study from Harvard University has proposed a hypothesis that aliens might already be living among us, disguised as humans or other forms. This paper goes into the concept of “cryptoterrestrials” and explores the possibility that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) could be extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting Earth.

Harvard Scientists Say Aliens May be Living Among us in Disguise

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The Harvard research posits that UAPs might not only be extraterrestrial but could also be evidence of non-human intelligence (NHI) already residing on Earth.

This hypothesis is termed the “cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis, suggests that these beings could live underground, on the moon or even walk among us.

Forms of Cryptoterrestrials:

Human Cryptoterrestrials: The study suggests the existence of an ancient, technologically advanced human civilization that might have survived in a remnant form. These beings could be living among us, using advanced technologies to blend in.

Hominid or Theropod Cryptoterrestrials: This category includes beings that could be descendants of intelligent dinosaurs or other terrestrial animals that have evolved to live in secret, possibly underground.

Former Extraterrestrial or Extratempestrial Cryptoterrestrials: Aliens might have arrived from another part of the cosmos or from the future. They could be hiding on Earth, perhaps on the moon or in other secluded environments.

Magical Cryptoterrestrials: This category describes entities that interact with the human world in less technological and more mystical ways, akin to earthbound angels or mythical creatures like fairies and elves.

The study explores the possibility that Aliens could be residing in various hidden locations such as deep underground, within oceans or even on the moon. These secluded environments could provide the perfect hiding spots for such advanced entities.

The researchers acknowledge that their claims are likely to be met with skepticism especially within the traditional scientific community. They urge a spirit of “epistemic humility and openness” to consider these possibilities.

The hypothesis is presented as a thought experiment aimed at expanding the dialogue about extraterrestrial life and the nature of UAPs beyond conventional scientific explanations.

The study suggests that sightings of UAPs might be linked to the activities of these cryptoterrestrial beings. These sightings could be evidence of advanced technologies used by these entities to navigate and operate within Earth’s environment without being detected.

It challenges the binary view that UAPs are either alien spacecraft or misidentified earthly phenomena.

The concept of cryptoterrestrials is not entirely new and has parallels in various myths and legends throughout human history.

Stories of advanced hidden civilizations, underground beings and mythical creatures can be found in numerous cultures around the world.

British-American physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960 proposed the concept of Dyson spheres, vast megastructures designed to encapsulate a star and harness its energy output.

This idea is inspired by Olaf Stapledon’s science fiction novel “Star Maker,” suggested that advanced civilizations would construct such structures, resulting in detectable infrared radiation due to waste heat.

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Dyson spheres are hypothesized as colossal constructs made up of mirrors or solar panels surrounding a star. Initially imagined as solid shells, Dyson later clarified that they would likely consist of a swarm of objects orbiting the star independently.

Dyson argued that advanced civilizations would eventually need to utilize their parent star’s entire energy output leading to the construction of such a megastructure.

Dyson suggested that Dyson spheres would emit waste heat in the form of infrared radiation, making them detectable by telescopes.

Although the presence of infrared radiation doesn’t necessarily indicate extraterrestrial life, it would point to the existence of previously unknown astronomical phenomena.

In the 1960s, technology was not advanced enough to search for Dyson spheres. Recent technological advancements have enabled researchers to investigate this possibility including efforts by the SETI Institute and Fermilab.

A study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society examined 5 million stars in the Milky Way to search for Dyson spheres by looking for unexplained infrared signatures.

Researchers used data from telescopes capable of detecting infrared radiation including NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and the European Space Agency’s Gaia observatory.

The study identified seven candidate stars exhibiting unusual infrared glow that cannot be readily explained by known phenomena.

All candidates are red dwarfs, smaller and dimmer than our sun, which makes further observation challenging.

Potential natural causes for the infrared emissions include overlapping galaxies, planetary collisions or debris disks around young stars.

Researchers address the need for more data to determine if these anomalies are indeed Dyson spheres or natural phenomena.

The researchers plan to use more powerful telescopes such as NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, to gather more data on these candidates. The lengthy and competitive process of securing time on such telescopes may delay further study.

Some scientists caution that the anomalies could be circumstellar debris disks or other rare events rather than evidence of advanced civilizations.

Further research and data are required to rule out natural explanations before concluding that the observed phenomena are Dyson spheres.

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