Hades is Coming to Apple Devices via Netflix in 2024

Netflix has unveiled its plans to expand its gaming library by introducing critically acclaimed titles such as Hades, Braid, and Death’s Door in 2024. Among these, Hades, a rogue-like from Supergiant Games, is set to make its exclusive debut on Apple devices, a milestone for both Netflix.

Hades is Coming to Apple Devices via Netflix in 2024

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The announcement that Hades will be available on Netflix for iOS users in 2024 has created excitement among gamers and critics alike.

Supergiant Games, a rogue-like dungeon crawler set in the mythological Greek Underworld, took the gaming world by storm when it was awarded IGN’s Game of the Year in 2020.

Its arrival on Netflix signifies the streaming giant’s commitment to offering high-quality, engaging gaming content to its subscribers.

Netflix’s gaming service has been growing, featuring an array of titles, including Dead Cells, Tomb Raider Reloaded, OXENFREE, and more.

However, stands out not only as a critically acclaimed game but also as a strategic move for Netflix to secure exclusive content for its gaming platform.

Originally launched in early access in 2018, Hades achieved widespread acclaim upon its release in 2020 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Its gameplay, storytelling, and the journey of Zagreus, the prince of Tartarus, resonated with players worldwide.

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Netflix’s exclusive deal to bring Hades to iOS devices opens up a new chapter for mobile gaming enthusiasts, allowing them to experience the thrill of escaping the Underworld on their Apple devices.

The game’s isometric dungeon-crawling mechanics, combined with the rich narrative and complex relationships between characters, offer a unique experience.

Players control Zagreus, the son of Hades, attempting to break free from his father’s dominion, encountering gods of Olympus along the way.

The Netflix version promises the same seamless gameplay experience without in-game ads, extra fees, or in-app purchases, with the platform’s user-friendly approach to gaming.

The streaming giant initially introduced games to its platform, ranging from indie titles to established franchises like Oxenfree.

With the addition of Hades, Braid, and Death’s Door, Netflix is making a bold statement about its commitment to expanding its gaming library with high-quality, recognizable titles.

The exclusive partnership with Supergiant Games underscores Netflix’s ambition to secure top content for its gaming service.

By offering these games at no extra cost to subscribers, Netflix aims to create value proposition and establish itself as a player in the gaming industry.

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Hades is not the only addition to Netflix’s gaming portfolio in 2024. Alongside it, Braid, the classic time-manipulation platformer, and Death’s Door, an indie title from 2021, are set to captivate audiences on the streaming platform.

Each game brings its own unique gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and visual appeal, contributing to the diversity of Netflix’s gaming offerings. The announcement on Netflix’s strategy of catering primarily to iOS users for these gaming releases.

While some may lament the exclusion of Android users, it highlights Netflix’s targeted approach to specific platforms, with plans for expansion in the future. Beyond third-party titles, Netflix is actively developing games based on its original shows and movies.

The inclusion of Money Heist, Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold, The Dragon Prince: Xadia, and Chicken Run: Eggstraction showcases Netflix’s commitment to leveraging its intellectual properties in the gaming space.

This synergy between film, television, and gaming aligns with the trend of multimedia entertainment experiences.

Moreover, Netflix’s library of over 80 games, including retro horror like Slayaway Camp 2 and action platformer Katana Zero, reinforces its dedication to providing diverse gaming experiences.

The company’s ability to fund a video game adaptation of Rebel Moon, a space opera by Zack Snyder, further addresses its intention to invest in original gaming content.

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