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Fortnite and Epic Games Store is Coming Back to iOS in Europe

Epic Games has revealed plans to reintroduce Epic Games Store and Fortnite to iPhone and iPad users. This comes in response to Apple’s newly implemented policy allowing alternative apps in its App Stores, following the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

Fortnite and Epic Games Store is Coming Back to iOS in Europe

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Epic Games is set to launch its Epic Games Store on iPhone and iPad devices, with the initial rollout scheduled for Europe later this year.

The decision follows Apple’s adoption of a new policy permitting alternative app stores, complying with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

Fortnite, the game that had been absent from iOS for more than three years due to a legal dispute with Apple, will make its return through the Epic Games Store.

The announcement hints at a global availability of the Epic Games Store across iOS and iPadOS in the future.

Epic Games has provided limited details about its plans, only stating that the store and Fortnite will be available later this year in regions affected by the Digital Markets Act.

The company addresses its commitment to continue legal battles with Apple over alleged violations of the law.

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Apple will retain some influence over third-party app stores, causing challenges for Epic’s re-entry into the iOS ecosystem.

The Epic Games Store planning to enable iPhone and iPad users to play Fortnite without relying on a cloud gaming service.

Fortnite was removed from the iOS App Store in 2020 after Epic Games introduced a third-party payment option, leading to a conflict with Apple. Epic Games sued Apple over this issue but lost a portion of the case last week.

Apple’s policy introduces a fee of 0.50 euros per year for apps not downloaded from the App Store or not using Apple’s payment system, exempting the first million installations. Tim Sweeney, Epic’s CEO, criticizes Apple’s fees as junk fees and continues to oppose the new policy.

The Digital Markets Act requires Apple to offer more choices for European users, allowing alternative stores and payment methods.


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Apple is implementing safeguards to address risks related to new apps, such as the Notarization process to verify app legitimacy.

Apple details changes in response to the Digital Markets Act, opening avenues for third-party app stores and payments in the EU.

The company expresses concerns about privacy and security threats but plans to comply with the new regulations.

Developers will now have the opportunity to create third-party stores on iOS, using third-party payment processors to bypass Apple’s fees.

Apple introduces a new commission structure, with a 17% fee on subscriptions and in-app purchases, reducing to 10% for most developers after the first year.

Additional fees, including a payment processing fee and a core technology fee, are outlined in Apple’s new structure.

The positive development for Epic Games, challenges may arise due to Apple’s continued oversight of third-party app stores.

Tim Sweeney remains critical of Apple’s changes, calling them a “devious new instance of malicious compliance.”

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