Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: The Tokyo Game Show Demo

The Tokyo Game Show has started off, and gamers worldwide are enthusiastically anticipating their first chance to experience Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2020’s FF7 Remake. Developed by Square Enix, the demo of this open-world adventure was unveiled at the annual convention in Chiba, Japan.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: The Tokyo Game Show Demo

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Early impressions from critics who’ve had the chance to play the demo are pouring in, and they appear to be predominantly positive.

According to Eurogamer’s Ed Nightingale, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a blend of familiarity and freshness that fans will relish.

The demo retains the magical spectacle of the original while introducing new elements that enhance the gaming experience. Polygon’s Oli Welsh agreed, emphasizing that Rebirth expands upon the original game’s scope while staying true to its core essence.

IGN’s Bo Moore was similarly dazzled by the gigantic difference in scale and presentation, particularly on the PlayStation 5. One of the most iconic moments in video game history is the plot twist in the original Final Fantasy 7.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase has promised that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will feature a surprising development in its ending, which will take place in the Forgotten Capital, the same location as the iconic scene from the 1997 original.

Kitase indicated that this improvement will act as a snare to keep players enthusiastically expecting the last portion of the trilogy. Could this mean a cliffhanger akin to the Empire Strikes Back? Kitase didn’t rule it out, adding that the second part of the trilogy is crucial and won’t disappoint players.

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If you’re concerned about the game’s length, rest assured that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promises to deliver ample gameplay. Director Naoki Hamaguchi estimates that just completing the main story will take around 40 to 50 hours.

However, the game’s world is loaded up with side content and exploration opportunities, easily extending the playtime beyond 100 hours for those who want to delve deep into its richly detailed world.

Similar to Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix’s new PS5 title, LFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth will feature a vast open-world environment. Hamaguchi clarified that while the game starts with a reasonably broad area to explore, there will be limitations initially.

As the story advances and characters gain new abilities, new areas will unlock, expanding the world further.

The developers aim to create a seamless open world where towns, dungeons, and everything else are seamlessly connected in one space, offering players the opportunity to explore and experience the game’s world fully.

While Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is currently exclusive to the PlayStation 5, there’s speculation about the possibility of it coming to other consoles in the future.

Yoshinori Kitase referenced that it’s yet to be confirmed, but a slide at the end of the latest trailer suggests the game won’t be available on other formats until at least 29 May 2024.

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Kitase emphasized that the game has been optimized for the PS5 hardware, ensuring the best possible gaming experience. So, for the time being, players can enjoy the game on PS5.

Critics have had their first taste of Rebirth’s Synergy system, a new addition to the battle mechanics that allows two characters to perform combo attacks.

While there were initial concerns that the system might overcomplicate battles, director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed that character relationships were a significant focus for the development team.

The new battle system reflects the growth and camaraderie of the characters as they learn and fight together. It’s a core pillar throughout the game, emphasizing the importance of players’ understanding of the characters and their interactions.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake received widespread praise but also faced criticism for its linear storytelling and perceived “padding” in some sections.

Hamaguchi acknowledged the feedback and expressed the team’s commitment to maintaining the positive aspects of the game’s storytelling while addressing concerns about player choice and freedom.

The goal is to create a dynamic and engaging narrative, avoiding the pitfalls of linearity and unnecessary filler content.

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