Coca-Cola Teams with League of Legends for +XP Flavored Drink

Coca-Cola has partnered with Riot Games to launch a new League of Legends branded drink called Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar. The drink is part of Coca-Cola’s Creations brand and is described as a “+XP flavored zero-calorie cola.” It is available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America, and Africa. The cans feature League of Legends branding with a Hextech blue glow.

The flavor of “+XP” is not clearly defined, but the press release states that it aims to provide fans and players with the taste of experience points and celebrate their journey in the game. In addition to the drink, there are also themed challenges in League of Legends that unlock limited edition Ultimate emotes when completed. The collaboration between Coca-Cola and Riot Games is the first gaming collaboration for Coca-Cola Creations.

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Coca-Cola Teams with League of Legends for +XP Flavored Drink

Coca-Cola has joined forces with Riot Games, the developer behind the immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends (LoL). The result of this collaboration is the creation of a limited-edition drink called Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, which promises to taste like “experience points” or “+XP” from the virtual world of LoL. This innovative venture has captured the attention of gamers and beverage enthusiasts alike, sparking curiosity and generating discussions around the concept of translating a virtual gaming experience into a tangible beverage.

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar is the latest addition to the Coca-Cola Creations brand, which focuses on creating unique and limited-edition drinks with innovative marketing campaigns. This particular beverage features League of Legends branding, with cans adorned with a Hextech blue glow, capturing the essence of the game’s aesthetic. However, the most intriguing aspect is the claim that the drink tastes like experience points, offering players a tangible connection to their in-game progress and journey.

Coca-Cola’s Creations platform is known for its innovative and limited-edition drink releases, often in collaboration with popular artists or brands. The platform aims to engage fans and consumers by offering unique flavor experiences and enhancing their connection with the Coca-Cola brand. Previous collaborations featured artists such as Marshmello and Rosalía, leveraging their fan base to create buzz and drive sales. With the League of Legends partnership, Coca-Cola expands its reach into the gaming community, tapping into a passionate and dedicated audience.

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League of Legends

League of Legends has emerged as one of the most influential games in the esports industry, with a massive player base and a thriving competitive scene. The game’s success lies in its intricate gameplay mechanics, captivating lore, and the sense of accomplishment players derive from earning experience points and leveling up their characters. Riot Games has been successful in creating a vast gaming universe, expanding beyond the core game to include spin-offs, animated series, and even an upcoming MMORPG. The partnership with Coca-Cola is a testament to the game’s cultural impact and the recognition it has garnered globally.

+XP Flavored” Zero Sugar Cola

The central focus of the Coca-Cola and League of Legends collaboration is the creation of a drink that tastes like “+XP” or experience points. While experience points are intangible in real life, they represent a milestone and a sense of progression in the game. The challenge for Coca-Cola was to conceptualize a flavor that could evoke the essence of this virtual achievement. The cans themselves feature League of Legends branding, including a Hextech blue glow, designed to appeal to fans of the game. The drink is marketed as a zero-calorie cola, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Marketing Campaign

To promote the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar drink, Riot Games and Coca-Cola have devised an integrated marketing campaign that includes in-game challenges and rewards for players. Three themed emotes named Ultimate Teamplay, Ultimate Gains, and Ultimate Tempo can be unlocked by completing specific missions within the game. These missions range from achieving seven assists in a single game to winning a match in under 20 minutes or earning 12,000 gold in a single game. These challenges add an interactive element to the collaboration, fostering engagement and excitement among players.

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The collaboration between Coca-Cola and Riot Games exemplifies the power of experiential marketing in capturing the attention and loyalty of consumers. By creating a beverage that offers a taste of the virtual gaming experience, Coca-Cola taps into the emotional connection gamers have with their favorite games. This approach goes beyond traditional advertising and product placement, providing an immersive and memorable experience that resonates with the target audience. The limited-edition nature of the drink adds an element of exclusivity, further fueling demand and driving sales.

The Coca-Cola and League of Legends collaboration raises intriguing questions about the future of gaming and how brands can integrate themselves into virtual worlds. The concept of translating a virtual experience into a tangible product opens up new possibilities for marketing and brand engagement. As technology advances and virtual reality becomes more accessible, we can expect to see further experimentation in this realm. The success of the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar drink demonstrates the potential for synergistic partnerships between gaming and beverage industries.

Gaming Collaboration

The partnership between Coca-Cola and Riot Games is not the first time a major brand has ventured into the gaming realm. Previously, Coca-Cola collaborated with Fortnite to create a pixel-flavored soda, while other companies like Red Bull, Nike, and McDonald’s have also embraced esports and gaming culture. These collaborations reflect the evolving landscape of advertising and the increasing recognition of gaming as a significant entertainment medium.

As gaming continues to grow in popularity, brands are realizing the potential to reach a highly engaged and diverse audience through strategic collaborations. By aligning with popular games and esports events, companies can tap into the passion and loyalty of gamers, creating unique experiences and building brand affinity.

The collaboration between Coca-Cola and Riot Games to create the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar drink is a testament to the ever-expanding influence of gaming and esports. By bridging the gap between virtual and real-world experiences, Coca-Cola has successfully tapped into the passion and loyalty of the League of Legends community. The “+XP flavored” zero-calorie cola offers a unique and immersive taste experience, while the integrated marketing campaign engages players and creates excitement. This collaboration serves as a milestone in the ongoing convergence of gaming and brand partnerships, showcasing the potential for innovative marketing strategies in the future.

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