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China’s Baidu Revealed New Ernie AI Version to Rival GPT-4

On October 17, 2023, Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, uncovered its latest AI model, ERNIE 4.0, with claims that it is a worthy challenger to OpenAI’s GPT-4. Baidu’s CEO, Robin Li, took the stage at the company’s annual flagship event in Beijing to showcase ERNIE 4.0’s capabilities, and the implications of this advancement are significant.

Baidu Revealed New Ernie AI Version to Rival GPT-4

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Robin Li’s announcement left no room for ambiguity. He declared that ERNIE 4.0 was “not inferior in any aspect to GPT-4,” declaring that it has further developed in grasping complex queries, generating intricate responses, and enhancing its memory capabilities.

This direct comparison between ERNIE 4.0 and GPT-4 marks a significant milestone in the AI landscape.

During his presentation, Li demonstrated ERNIE 4.0’s prowess by showcasing its ability to generate a commercial for a car within minutes, solve intricate mathematical problems, and even create a plot for a martial arts novel from scratch.

Moreover, ERNIE 4.0’s primary language is Mandarin Chinese, but it can also handle queries and provide responses in English, albeit at a less advanced level.

One of the main features of ERNIE 4.0 is its ability to create intricate storylines. Li illustrated this by instructing the AI model to generate a martial arts novel, which it accomplished with flair.

ERNIE 4.0 not only produced characters but also introduced conflicts and developed multifaceted plots, showcasing a remarkable leap in AI’s narrative capabilities.

“We always complained that AI was not intelligent enough,” Li quipped. “But today, it understands almost everything you say, and in many cases, it understands what you’re saying better than your friends or your colleagues.”

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Charlie Dai, Vice President and Research Director of Technology at Forrester, commented on Baidu’s bold claim.

He stated, “We still need more benchmarking evidence to prove it, but I’m cautiously optimistic that this is China’s GPT-4 moment, giving its long-term investment in AI and machine learning.”

Baidu’s pursuit of AI excellence is undeniable. The company has invested heavily in AI technology, positioning itself as a frontrunner in China’s AI race.

The revealing of ERNIE 4.0 is the latest chapter in Baidu’s quest to lead the way in generative AI, the technology that underpins systems like ChatGPT and its successors.

At first presented its ERNIE Bot in March, before making it publicly available in August. The response has been nothing short of remarkable, with over 45 million users and the AI model reaching the top of Chinese app stores.

While ERNIE’s achievements are commendable, it’s worth noting that OpenAI’s ChatGPT, launched in November the previous year, quickly amassed over 100 million users within its first two months. One distinguishing feature of Baidu’s AI service is its advanced grasp of Chinese queries.

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ERNIE can generate various types of responses, including video and audio, setting it apart from GPT-4, which, as per OpenAI’s description, currently generates text responses only. This unique value proposition enhances ERNIE’s appeal and versatility in the market.

While Baidu is undoubtedly a dominant player in China’s AI industry, it faces stiff competition from other tech giants like Alibaba and SenseTime.

These companies have also showcased their versions of ChatGPT-style tools. The competition is fierce, and all these tech leaders have a chance to claim the lead in this dynamic sector.

Company advancement in the AI field has triggered discussions about the ongoing tech rivalry between the United States and China.

Some critics argue that the emergence of new AI offerings from Chinese firms will intensify this rivalry in emerging technologies.

However, Baidu’s CEO, Robin Li, has consistently sought to distance his company from this comparison, emphasizing that Baidu’s platform is not a tool for the confrontation between China and the United States.

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