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China: Cargo Ship Crashes Into Lixinsha Bridge in Guangzhou, Kills 5

On the morning of February 22, 2024, in Guangzhou, a cargo ship collided with the Lixinsha Bridge over the Pearl River. The incident resulted in the loss of lives, injuries, and damage to infrastructure.

Lixinsha Bridge in Guangzhou, Kills 5, ship crashes into bridge

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The collision occurred at approximately 5:30 am when an empty cargo ship traveling from Foshan’s Nanhai district to Nansha struck the Lixinsha Bridge.

The impact caused the bridge to fracture, leading to the collapse of a section of the structure. As a result, five vehicles, including a bus, motorcycle, and three vans, were plunged into the Pearl River.

The casualties include two fatalities, with three individuals still missing. Additionally, one crew member of the cargo ship sustained injuries.

According to reports, five people lost their lives in the accident, while three others sustained injuries. Among the casualties were occupants of vehicles that fell from the Lixinsha bridge into the river below.

The collision caused a section of the Lixinsha Bridge to collapse, leading to vehicles plunging into the water.

Rescue efforts were immediately initiated to search for survivors and retrieve the bodies of the victims. The injured were transported to hospitals for treatment, while emergency personnel worked at the scene.

Findings suggested operational mishandling by the ship’s crew as the cause of the accident. The captain of the cargo ship was detained following the incident, and investigations into the exact circumstances were underway.

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The collapse of the Lixinsha bridge disrupted transportation and water supply to Sanmin Island, the critical role of the infrastructure in the region.

Guangzhou’s Nansha district, where the accident occurred, is a zone for technological development in the Greater Bay Area.

Local authorities, emergency services, and people rallied together to address the aftermath of the disaster.

Efforts to repair the bridge and restore services were expedited to minimize the impact on residents and businesses.

The Lixinsha Bridge, a transportation link connecting Guangzhou to other GBA cities, has been undergoing strengthening works since 2022 due to safety concerns.

However, delays in the completion of anti-collision measures have effectiveness of infrastructure maintenance protocols.

The Lixinsha bridge collapse has disrupted the daily lives of residents in Nansha district, particularly those reliant on the bridge for transportation and access to essential services.

Moreover, the damage to the Lixinsha bridge has affected water supply infrastructure, necessitating immediate repairs to restore services to affected areas.

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