Australia: Thousands of People Ordered to Evacuate as Bushfire Burns

Australia bushfire with flames ravaging through Tasmania and Victoria, leaving people in fear and in emergency. Temperatures were above 40 degrees Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) in the north west of the state at 3.00pm (0400 GMT).

Australia: Thousands of People Ordered to Evacuate as Bushfire Burns

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As the inferno continues to spread, thousands have been urged to evacuate their homes, seeking refuge from the encroaching danger.

Approximately 1,000 firefighters, supported by 24 aircraft and 100 vehicles, work to stem the tide of the inferno.

Their efforts are Herculean, facing flames that turn fire flanks into main fronts, propelled by strong southwesterly winds.

The state emergency service urged residents in the towns of Raglan and Beaufort, home to around two thousand people, and those in surrounding areas to leave while it was still safe and head east to the nearby regional hub of Ballarat, 95 kms (59 miles) west of Melbourne.

Roughly 50 square kms (12,355 acres) is ablaze northwest of Ballarat. A similar area is also burning out of control further to the west.

In Australia, Tasmania, near Bradys Lake in the Central Highlands, and in Victoria, west of Ballarat. The air, thick with smoke and uncertainty, carries the weight of their struggle.

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Emergency warnings have been issued, showing the threat and the urgency of evacuation towards safer grounds like Ballarat.

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Residents in high-risk zones, following the advice of emergency services, evacuate towards safety. Stories of neighbors helping neighbors, of strangers offering support and shelter, weave through the disaster, creating a tapestry of human kindness and determination.

The firefighting crews, many volunteers, stand as pillars of strength and dedication, risking their lives to protect their people.

Large swathes of the state are on high alert for fires and the Bureau of Meteorology on Thursday issued extreme fire danger warnings for several districts due to hot, dry winds and the potential for thunderstorms.

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