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Character.AI Introduces Two-Way Voice Conversation Feature

Character.AI has announced the launch of a feature called “Character Calls.” This new feature allows users to engage in real-time, two-way voice conversations with AI characters.

Character.AI Introduces Two-Way Voice Conversation Feature

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Character Calls supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. This makes it accessible to a global audience and useful for practicing new languages.

Users can engage in natural and spontaneous conversations with AI characters who can respond in real-time with appropriate intonations, accents and tones.

Users can switch between texting and voice calls mid-conversation allowing for a flexible and versatile interaction method.

This feature enables users to interrupt the AI character during a conversation providing a more realistic and interactive experience.

Character Calls provides a practical platform for users to practice speaking in different languages with native-like fluency from AI characters.

Users can simulate interview scenarios to improve their skills and confidence. For gamers, Character Calls adds depth to role-playing games by allowing voice interactions with characters.

Since launching Character Voices in March, Character.AI has over 1 million unique voices. Users can create and share their voices to a diverse library that enhances the customization of AI characters.

The platform encourages creativity by allowing users to generate and share their AI characters making the experience highly personalized.

During its testing phase, Character Calls saw engagement with over 3 million users making 20 million calls.

The Character Calls feature is now available to all users for free through the Character.AI app. The feature is exclusive to the app and is not available on the Character.AI website. Plans are underway to eventually introduce the feature on the web.

Initiating a call is as simple as tapping a button within the app. The interface for Character Calls includes essential functionalities like mute and end call options.

Users can interrupt the AI character at any point during the conversation with just a button tap allowing for a more dynamic and natural flow of dialogue.

The calls are designed to have low latency that conversations flow smoothly without delays. This improvement means that users can experience more lifelike interactions with responses generated almost instantaneously.

Users can choose from a variety of voices, pitches and accents to personalize their AI interactions. This feature allows for a more tailored and engaging experience as users can select voices that they find most appealing or suitable for their needs.

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The AI characters can converse in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

This multilingual capability makes Character Calls accessible to a global audience and supports language learning and practice.

Users can switch between voice and text modes at any time during the conversation. This flexibility ensures that users can continue their dialogue in their preferred format without any disruption.

Users can leverage the feature to practice new languages with the AI characters serving as conversational partners who can provide real-time feedback and assistance.

The AI characters can simulate interview scenarios helping users to polish their skills and gain confidence in a low-pressure environment.

The feature adds a new dimension to RPGs allowing players to engage in verbal interactions with characters.

Writers and storytellers can use Character Calls to brainstorm ideas and develop storylines with the AI characters providing input and feedback in real-time.

In March, Character.AI introduced a feature called Character Voice which allowed users to hear the AI characters speak in response to text inputs.

Character Calls enables real-time, two-way conversations, a more interactive and engaging experience.

The announcement of Character Calls comes after OpenAI’s delay in the rollout of an advanced voice mode for GPT-4.

This positions Character.AI as a frontrunner in the race to enhance AI communication capabilities.

Google is reportedly developing AI chatbots modeled after celebrities and influencers to provide a similar conversational experience. Character.AI’s focus on personalized and interactive AI characters sets it apart.

Businesses could leverage AI characters for customer service offering 24/7 support with a human-like touch that enhances user satisfaction and engagement.

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