Callum Skye: Callum Unveils an Electric Multi-Terrain Vehicle

The Callum Skye to make its debut in Europe by spring 2024, it is an electric multi-terrain vehicle designed to challenge automotive categorizations. Callum, who left Jaguar in 2019, founded Callum along with other former JLR executives.

Callum Skye: Callum Unveils an Electric Multi-Terrain Vehicle

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The company’s initial project was a restomod of the Aston Martin Vanquish, showcasing their capabilities. Now, the Skye Callum’s into an all-new vehicle under the brand from his iconic designs like the DB7 and i-Pace.

Ian Callum celebrated for his design legacy with Jaguar and Aston Martin, this venture after leaving Jaguar in 2019.

Callum, along with former JLR executives, established Callum as a platform for innovative automotive projects.

The company’s focus was a high-end restomod of the original Aston Martin Vanquish, followed by undisclosed white label collaborations with other automakers.


Named after the Scottish island, the Skye a space-frame chassis, all-wheel drive, and off-road capability with up to 21.6 inches of wheel travel and 13.7 inches of ground clearance.

The exterior design, led by Ian Callum himself, reflects a fusion of sportscar aesthetics and rugged off-road features.

Addressing uniqueness, Callum states, “I like the notion that you can’t really categorize it.” The Skye’s proportions, with a 159-inch length and 74.8-inch width, hint at a two-plus-two seating configuration. The space frame employs carbon-fiber links unique to Callum, structural integrity.

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Lightweight composite materials form the body, while fully independent suspension offers adjustable articulation for varied ground clearances. The Skye aims to strike a balance between off-road prowess and urban practicality.


The Callum Skye is a 42.0-kWh lithium-ion battery, targeting 170-mile range. Callum plans to introduce an ultrafast charging alternative capable of a 10-minute full replenishment.

While specific power figures are undisclosed, the sub-four-second 0-60 mph target suggests an electric drivetrain with at least 300 horsepower. The weight of 2535 pounds, with a 50/50 weight distribution, promises agile performance.


The Callum Skye is set to roll off the production line at Callum’s existing factory in Warwick, England, with a modest rate of approximately one vehicle per week. Although deliveries are slated for 2025, pricing details are yet to be officially released.

Callum aims to position the Callum Skye within the European market initially, considering the additional cost required for U.S. federal type approval.

In an exclusive interview, Ian Callum shared insights into the Skye’s development and the vision for Callum as an independent automotive brand.

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When asked about the decision to create an off-roader as the first own-brand product, Callum expressed a choice to showcase versatility, addressing that Callum is about all kinds of vehicles, not just one.

Regarding the production volume of the Skye, Callum hinted at limited quantities, stating, “Clearly it depends on demand, but it’ll be dozens, not hundreds.”

The plan is to transition from limited-run production to larger batches, reaching up to 1000 units, depending on market reception.

One of the features of the Callum Skye is its low weight, targeting 1150kg. Callum acknowledged the challenge of achieving this target but expressed confidence in design control and component weight management.

Describing the philosophy behind the Callum Skye, he addressed, “This will be a simple machine, beautifully built. Our mantra is ‘minimum mass, maximum capability.'”

While exterior renderings have been unveiled, details about the Skye’s interior remain in mystery. The only revelation so far is a two-plus-two seating configuration, leaving curious about the cabin’s design and features.

The decision to skip U.S. market entry reflects the complexities and costs associated with federal type approval.

Balancing off-road prowess with on-road comfort also poses engineering challenges, but Callum’s team seems determined to conquer these obstacles.

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