Ultraviolette F99 Electric Bike Unveiled at EICMA 2023

Ultraviolette Automotive has revealed electric superbike, the Ultraviolette F99 Factory Racing Platform, at the EICMA 2023 in Milan, Italy. This is not just a concept, it’s a near-production version that promises to redefine the standards of electric motorcycle innovation. With a design inspired by fighter jets and cutting-edge technology.

Ultraviolette F99 Electric Bike Unveiled at EICMA 2023

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The Ultraviolette F99 lies a liquid-cooled electric motor that produces a 120 horsepower, propelling the bike from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds.

What sets it apart is its claimed top speed of 265 km/h, making it the fastest made-in-India electric bike to date.

This powerhouse of a machine is set to challenge the notions of electric vehicles, proving that speed and sustainability can coexist.

Features of the F99 is its active aerodynamics system, a technological marvel borrowed from the principles of supersonic fighter jets.

With a coefficient of 0.45, the F99 utilizes carbon fiber in its construction, incorporating panels and winglets to optimize aerodynamic efficiency.

The Air Blade, a movable side fairing, adapts to lean angles during cornering, providing downforce and enhancing the overall riding experience.

The F99 has a steel hybrid frame, an aluminum swingarm, and carbon fiber bodywork, resulting in a tuned balance between strength and lightweight design.

With a wheelbase of 1400 mm and a kerb weight of 178 kg, the F99 promises agility and stability on the road.

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Ultraviolette has set its sights on a global launch for the F99, with expectations to hit the roads in 2025. The Co-Founder & CTO, Niraj Rajmohan, said the company’s commitment to leading the way in global EV innovation and highlighted their vision of creating a racing league with the F99 Factory Racing Platform.

The ambition to motorsport endeavors as early as 2025 showcases Ultraviolette’s determination to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

Ultraviolette showcased its F77 electric motorcycle, making its European debut at EICMA 2023. Available in three variants Shadow, Laser, and Airstrike, the F77 a 40 horsepower electric motor, 100 Nm torque, and a 10.3 kWh battery pack.

With deliveries set to begin in the second quarter of 2024, Ultraviolette aims to establish its presence in the European market.

Its 400V battery architecture sets it apart from its predecessor, the F77, which featured a 60V battery architecture.

The liquid-cooled electric drivetrain produces 121 horsepower, a swift acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.

The upgraded top speed of 265 km/h and an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.45 showcase Ultraviolette’s continuous improvement and innovation.

An aspect contributing to the F99’s performance is its advanced aerodynamics system, drawing inspiration from supersonic fighter jet principles.

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The windshield and front cowl ducts play a main role in this system, ensuring proper airflow to the rider’s helmet and minimizing drag at high speeds.

The introduction of the Air Blade, an element of the side fairing adjusting to lean angles during cornering, further enhances the bike’s downforce, optimizing performance in sharp corners.

The Ultraviolette F99’s design is a marvel, featuring a fully-faired body with angular panels, a robust tank, V-shaped headlights, and a single-seat arrangement.

The seating position and narrow tail contribute to its aerodynamic prowess, embodying the essence of a true racing machine.

With a global launch planned for 2025, Ultraviolette is set to captivate riders worldwide with the F99’s modern and striking design.

Ultraviolette has announced a global launch for the F99, with an estimated price of around Rs. 8 Lakhs. Meanwhile, the European-spec F77 is set to hit the market with a price range of €9,000 – €11,000 (Rs. 8.03 lakh to Rs. 9.81 lakh).

Bookings for the European market to begin on November 15, 2023, showcasing Ultraviolette’s approach to expanding its footprint in the international electric vehicle market.

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