Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro Review and Specifications

Asus has launched the ROG Phone 8 Pro, shifting away from its gaming-centric design philosophy. While the phone still has top-tier hardware and gaming capabilities, changes in design and audio elements have left some questioning the new direction.

ROG Phone 8 Pro Review and Specifications

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One of the shifts in the ROG Phone 8 Pro is its design. Asus has a more mainstream look, departing from the gamer-centric aesthetic of its predecessors.

The introduction of a bezel-less, edge-to-edge screen, however, comes at a cost. The removal of the dual front-facing speakers, a feature of previous models, has left some users disappointed.

The compromise extends to the addition of a pinhole camera, disrupting the gaming experience that the ROG Phone was known for.

From a glass to a plastic back, though contributing to a slimmer device, concerns about its slippery nature.

The phone retains the LED effects on the back, allowing users to toggle them on or off, adding a touch of gaming flair.

Despite these changes, the presence of a headphone jack and an IP68 rating, along with the secondary USB-C port for charging during gaming.

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The 6.78-inch FHD OLED display with a 165Hz refresh rate is impressive. Asus continues its partnership with Samsung for the E6 Flexible AMOLED panel, offering vibrant colors and a peak brightness of 2,500 nits. The controversial addition of a punch-hole camera disrupts the gaming experience.


Asus excels in the software department, allowing users to customize themes and settings to tailor the phone to their preferences.

The Armory Crate gaming app proves useful, providing a seamless gaming experience with individual launch settings for games.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, with 16GB or 24GB RAM, positions the ROG Phone 8 Pro as a performance powerhouse.

Despite benchmarks, a few bugs and compatibility issues, urging Asus to address them before the official launch.

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The ROG Phone 8 Pro maintains its reputation for battery life, now with a 5,500mAh battery. Wireless charging and dual USB-C ports add convenience, with the latter allowing for uninterrupted gaming sessions in landscape mode.

The assesses the battery endurance and the practicality of the Ultra Durable mode, show on how the reduced battery capacity impacts the overall user experience.


Asus makes strides in the camera department, borrowing improvements from the Zenfone 10. The 50MP main sensor with a 6-axis gimbal stabilizer, a 13MP ultrawide lens, and a 32MP telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom showcase Asus’s commitment to enhancing photography capabilities.

The AI integration for improved photo quality and the selfie camera’s performance are scrutinized, providing insights into whether the camera upgrades justify the phone’s premium price tag.

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