Rare White Leucistic Alligator Born at Florida Gator Park

On Thursday, Gatorland in Orlando, Florida, the birth of a rare leucistic white alligator. Born in human care, this creature is the first solid white alligator ever recorded from the original leucistic alligators discovered in the swamps of Louisiana 36 years ago.

Leucistic Alligator Born at Florida Gator Park

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Gatorland’s President and CEO, Mark McHugh, expressed his excitement, stating, “This is beyond rare; it is absolutely extraordinary.”

The female hatchling, weighing 96 grams (3.39 ounces) and measuring 49 centimeters (19.3 inches) in length, has a unique genetic variation that sets her apart.

Unlike albino alligators, which lack pigment and exhibit pink eyes, leucistic alligators have blue eyes and white coloration, often accompanied by patches or splotches of normal coloring on their skin. This rarity is as leucistic alligators are susceptible to sunburn due to their lack of darker skin pigmentation.

The parents Jeyan and Ashley, also leucistic alligators, welcomed not only the white female but also a normal-colored brother of the same size.

Gatorland’s veterinarian has given them a clean bill of health, and the siblings are currently nourishing themselves on a diet of tiny pieces of raw chicken and specialized Croc Chow pellets.

Leucistic alligators are a sight, and Gatorland plans to share this wonder with the public by putting the new additions on display early next year.

However, the park remains cautious, prioritizing the safety and security of these special reptiles. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about and fall in love with these creatures.

Gatorland is reaching out to the public for help in naming the newborns. Suggestions can be submitted through the park’s social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram.

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With only eight known leucistic alligators in the world, this newest addition holds value. The odds of producing a leucistic alligator are described by CEO Mark McHugh as one in a gazillion, making this occurrence truly extraordinary.

This event adds to Gatorland’s legacy of conservation efforts. Once home to a set of 18 leucistic alligator brothers rescued from a Louisiana swamp in the 1980s, the park has played a role in preserving and showcasing these creatures.

Among the original 18, three leucistic alligators have been living at Gatorland since 2008, and this recent birth marks the first time a white offspring has been recorded from that group.

The park has increased security measures to protect this rare gem, with Gatorland’s international ambassador, Savannah Boan, expressing the team’s excitement and dedication to ensuring the safety of the valuable hatchling.

Gatorland’s newest resident serves as a beacon of hope for wildlife enthusiasts. The park’s commitment to showcasing the beauty of these rare creatures goes beyond entertainment, fostering a deeper understanding of the balance required for their survival.

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While the public eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness these rare additions, Gatorland plans to have the leucistic alligator and her sibling on public display early next year.

In the meantime, the park has engaged the community in a naming contest for the duo, encouraging participants to submit suggestions through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

The rarity of leucistic alligators is beyond their unique appearance, contributing to their appeal in conservation efforts.

Gatorland’s Global Ambassador, Savannah Boan, highlighted the importance of such creatures in raising awareness, noting their role in fostering positive perceptions toward conservation.

The birth of the leucistic alligator also interest in the context of American alligator conservation. Once endangered, the American alligator population now thrives, numbering around 5 million, with the largest populations found in Florida and Louisiana.

The white alligator’s birth has heightened security measures at Gatorland, addressing the financial value attached to such a rare specimen.

Despite speculations about the creature’s monetary worth, the park remains steadfast in its commitment to preserve and protect the leucistic alligator as an ambassador for wildlife conservation.

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