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Unilever Food Solutions Future Menu Trends Report 2023

Unilever Food Solutions has released its first Future Menu trends Report for 2023, which distinguishes the main eight food trends in light of bits of knowledge from over 1,600 chefs in more than 21 countries. The trends include Modern Comfort Food, Irresistible Vegetables, Wild & Pure, Flavour Contrasts, Feel-Good Food, The New Sharing, Mindful Proteins, and Low-Waste Menus.

The report means to give solutions and versatile recipes to assist chefs with getting ready for future culinary demands. It includes recommended recipes, ingredients, and techniques for each trend to help gourmet chefs and food administrators.

Unilever Food solutions launched the report at an event in the Netherlands and by means of a live stream. In the Middle East, the report was sent off at an event where cooks and industry specialists had the chance to taste evolved menus based on the future trends.

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Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food solutions Future Menu trends Report 2023 goes beyond simply recognizing these eight patterns. The report offers noteworthy experiences and versatile recipes to empower chefs and food administrators to embrace these trends. With global data, inputs from chefs, social media analytics, and market research, the report equips culinary professionals with the knowledge and tools to innovate and meet the evolving demands of their diners.

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The Launch Event

Unilever has made a huge stride towards changing the culinary landscape with its very first Future Menu trends Report 2023. In a collaboration with more than 1,600 chefs from 21 nations, this extensive report distinguishes and explores eight key food trends that are set to shape the menus of tomorrow. Launced at the Hive, Unilever’s Food innovation Center in Wageningen, the Netherlands, this milestone event likewise offered a live stream for leading chefs and food industry specialists around the world.

At the same time, Unilever Food Solutions launched the report in the Middle East, recognizing the region’s diverse culinary landscape. In a dedicated event, chefs and industry specialists were welcome to test developed menus inspired by the future trends. The Middle East launch aimed to spark creativity and encourage collaboration among chefs to bring these trends to life in the region’s vibrant food scene.

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Unilever Food Solutions Future Menu trends report features the top trends as well as offers viable answers for culinary specialists to defeat different difficulties looked in the culinary industry. From labor shortages to sustainability concerns like food waste, the report recommends recipes, ingredients, and techniques that chefs can integrate into their menus to actually resolve these issues.

By embracing the suggested procedures, culinary specialists can explore the developing culinary landscape while remaining consistent with their art and guaranteeing a positive feasting experience for their customers.

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Top Eight Trends 2023

  • Modern Comfort Food: Vegetables are coming of age this year, as their promotion from side-dish to main event continues to be fuelled by increasing numbers of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diners looking for decadent, indulgent plant-based foods.
  • Irresistible Vegetables: With many of us seeking order and comfort in what we eat, the trend for the taste of home food is still going strong. While consumers may be looking for the familiar, they also want something more.
  • Wild & Pure: Using locally sourced ingredients that help to reduce the carbon footprint of restaurant dishes is another trend that consumers are increasingly looking for.
  • Flavour Contrasts: Contrasting flavours and mixing culinary traditions both at the table and in the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular with diners.
  • Feel-Good Food: Diners are increasingly looking for their out-of-home meals to sync up with their growing interest in healthier eating. “Feel-Good Food is about vitality. And the key to this is diversity and balance in the food we eat,” says Ria van der Maas, Global Diet & Health Manager.
  • The New Sharing: From Korean BBQs to Swiss fondus, Greek mezze and Spanish tapas, this trend is about fine eating rather than fine dining. It is about food that brings people together in body and spirit.
  • Mindful Proteins: The days when protein meant meat are well and truly over. Be it for health, environmental or animal welfare reasons, diners are increasingly looking for protein alternatives.
  • Low-Waste Menus: Reducing food waste is high on the agenda for governments, NGOs and, increasingly, consumers. No one feels good about the fact that 30% of food made for human consumption is never eaten. However, for commercial kitchens, wasting food is above all else a direct loss of profit and therefore a critical business concerns.

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