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Uber Eats to Launch Self-driving Robot Deliveries in Japan

Uber Eats is expanding its autonomous delivery service to Japan through a partnership with robotics firm Cartken and Mitsubishi Electric.

Uber Eats to Launch Self-driving Robot Deliveries in Japan

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Uber Eats continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its latest autonomous robot deliveries. Building upon successful deployments in Miami and Fairfax, Virginia, Uber Eats is now to introduce this technology to the bustling streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Through collaborative efforts with Cartken and Mitsubishi Electric, the company plans to address logistical challenges while enhancing the delivery experience for customers.

The partnership between Uber Eats, Cartken, and Mitsubishi Electric shows a convergence of expertise and resources to bring autonomous sidewalk robots, specifically Cartken’s Model C, to select areas of Tokyo by the end of March.

These six-wheeled robots, equipped with advanced AI and sensor technologies, are designed to navigate urban environments, ensuring delivery operations while adhering to local regulations and safety standards. Cartken’s Model C has features tailored to optimize food delivery efficiency and reliability.

With its AI-driven navigation system and obstacle detection capabilities, the robot can safely traverse sidewalks, interact with pedestrians, and adhere to traffic signals.

Moreover, its moderate speed, akin to that of a walking adult, ensures both agility and safety during transit.

The cargo bin, with a capacity of 27 liters, is equipped with thermal insulation to preserve food quality throughout the delivery process.

Mitsubishi Electric’s involvement in supervising operations and providing training underlines the collaborative nature of this venture.

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Leveraging its expertise in industrial automation and infrastructure development, Mitsubishi Electric is to contribute to the integration of autonomous delivery services into Tokyo’s urban area.

Shoji Tanaka, Senior General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Advanced Application Development Center, shows the importance of robot delivery services in the logistics.

By leveraging autonomous robots, Mitsubishi Electric seeks to decrease the impact of labor shortages and enhance operational efficiency across various sectors.

The adoption of self-driving robots represents a change in the way food is delivered, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability to consumers.

With the ability to order food through the Uber Eats app and opt for autonomous robot delivery, customers can enjoy a contactless experience.

With a tradition of embracing robotics in various industries, Japan is well-positioned to lead the way in redefining the future of food delivery.

Cartken CEO and co-founder Qingrong “Gary” Xiao expresses excitement about the partnership with Uber Eats and Mitsubishi Electric, addressing Tokyo’s receptiveness to robot delivery services.

As Tokyo residents prepare to experience best-in-class delivery experiences, the collaboration between these industry leaders promises to set new benchmarks for excellence.

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