The Audi RSQ: The Futuristic Police Car from “I, Robot”

The Audi RSQ is a concept car that was designed specifically for the 2004 sci-fi movie, I, Robot. The movie is set in 2035 and follows Will Smith’s character as he investigates robots’ threat to humanity. The car was designed to be a police car from the future and has a minimalistic, clutter-free interior design with butterfly doors, wheels that look like spheres, and a stick shift that needs to be connected.

Audi RSQ car

It was Audi’s first-ever car developed specifically for a movie, and it paved the way for the Audi R8, one of its best-selling models.

The car was significant as it demonstrated Audi’s futuristic design philosophy and was an inspiration for the storyline.

In 2004, the science fiction movie “I, Robot” hit the big screens and became an instant hit. The movie showcased the Audi RSQ concept car, a futuristic police vehicle that captured the imagination of many.

Designed specifically for the movie, the Audi RSQ was ahead of its time, featuring unique design elements and technology that were not yet available in production cars.

The Audi RSQ concept car was designed to be a police car from the future, and it looked like a spaceship. The car’s design was unique, featuring butterfly doors that were rear-hinged, giving them a distinct appearance.

The car’s wheels were also designed to look like spheres, as in the movie, the car drove on spheres instead of tires.

The car’s ability to move in all directions, not just forwards and backward, was due to this design. The car had tires hidden underneath caps in reality.

Audi gave the concept car a minimalistic, clutter-free interior design. However, if you looked closely, there were Easter eggs hidden everywhere.

The center console opened to reveal the on-off switch and a bunch of different toggles that looked like something you would find on a fighter jet control panel.

The yoke steering wheel further added to the aircraft theme. In the movie, the steering wheel would also retract into the dashboard when it wasn’t needed. The car was also equipped with a stick shift, adding to its futuristic feel.

The Audi RSQ concept car was way ahead of its time in terms of technology. It featured advanced safety systems, such as radar and sonar, to help the driver avoid accidents.

The car’s suspension system was also advanced, using an adaptive air suspension system that adjusted to the road surface to provide the best possible ride.

The car also featured a drive-by-wire system, which eliminated the need for mechanical linkages between the steering wheel and the wheels.

The car’s computer system could also take over driving duties in emergencies, providing an added layer of safety. The Audi RSQ concept car had a significant impact on the automotive industry.

The car’s unique design and advanced technology showcased Audi’s engineering prowess and helped establish the brand as a leader in automotive innovation.

The car’s futuristic design elements also influenced the design of other cars, such as the Audi R8, which was loosely based on the Audi RSQ concept car.

The car also showcased the potential of CGI technology in automotive design, paving the way for more realistic and immersive automotive visuals in movies and video games.

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