Spotify to Cut 1500 Employees in Third Layoff Round this Year

Spotify has announced reduction in its workforce. The company, led by Chief Executive Daniel Ek, revealed plans to cut approximately 1,500 jobs, constituting 17% of its current workforce of 9,000 employees.

Spotify to Cut 1500 Employees in Third Layoff Round this Year

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This decision comes because of global economic challenges and a need for Spotify to optimize costs despite recently reporting a profit of €65 million (£55.7 million) for the third quarter of the year.

Daniel addressed the challenging economic conditions, citing a slowdown in economic growth and increased capital expenses as factors influencing the decision.

He acknowledged the difficulty of the choice, describing it as difficult and recognizing the impact on smart, talented, and hard-working people who have contributed to the company.

Despite Spotify’s recent positive financial results, Daniel asserted that the reduction in workforce is a step to rightsize operational costs and position the company strategically for the future.

Spotify has been on an expansion trajectory, with a goal to reach a billion users by 2030. The company reported a profit of €65 million for the third quarter, marking its first quarterly profit in over a year.

This profitability was attributed to price increases and a surge in subscriber numbers, with the platform currently having 601 million users, up from 345 million at the end of 2020.

These positive results indicated that the company needed to address its operational costs, Addressing the need for productivity.

The decision to reduce the workforce represents a strategic move to bridge the gap between financial goals and current operational expenses.

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This announcement is the third round of job cuts by Spotify in 2023, following the layoffs of 600 employees in January and an additional 200 in June.

The trend of workforce reductions is not unique to Spotify, as several major tech companies have also implemented layoffs in response to economic uncertainties. Companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others have made workforce cuts.

The layoffs will have an impact on the affected employees. Spotify has outlined a support plan for those affected, including five months of severance pay, holiday pay, and healthcare coverage during the severance period.

Additionally, the company will provide immigration support for employees whose visa status is connected with their employment.

Daniel said that the decision to make such workforce reductions was carefully considered, as the company weighed the option of smaller reductions over the next few years.

The strategic rationale behind the decision is rooted in the need to rightsize operational costs and create a more productive organizational structure.

Daniel expressed confidence that these measures would pave the way for building an even stronger Spotify in 2024.

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Spotify’s way into podcasting, including exclusive content partnerships with figures such as Michelle and Barack Obama, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has been an investment for the company.

Deals, such as the one with Harry and Meghan, reportedly cost $25 million (£19.7 million) for 12 episodes delivered over two and a half years before concluding in June.

Daniel acknowledged that the outcomes of these ventures have been mixed, indicating that some have succeeded while others have not.

The company’s expenditure on exclusive content, including a reported $25 million deal with Harry and Meghan.

Spotify’s announcement adds to a growing list of tech companies implementing layoffs in response to economic conditions. BT, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn have all announced job cuts.

The list of tech companies, including British telecom group BT, that have announced layoffs in response to economic uncertainties.

While some firms have struggled, others, such as Apple, have taken a different approach, with announcements of hiring in specific sectors, like artificial intelligence.

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